Did Ash Die In Pokemon: How Many Times Has Ash Died?


It’s been established that Ash Ketchum does not possess immortality. True, he isn’t. He is human and so subject to death, but you shouldn’t expect to see it depicted in the anime. The main character Ash has seemingly died multiple times throughout the anime and several films, only to survive.

Some viewers might get the wrong idea from this, but we can assure you that it is not evidence of immortality and is instead consistent with the series and anime’s overall fantastical atmosphere. Ash’s miraculous revival was always the result of a Pokémon’s unique ability. In this article we will discuss did ash die in pokemon.

Did Ash Die In Pokemon

1) “The Tower of Terror”

Ash tries to get a hold of Haunter and Gengar, but they vanish into the floor in episode 23 of the first season of the anime. Then, just as Ash and Pikachu reach the floor, a chandelier slams down on them, electrocuting both of them. Haunter and Gengar remove their souls from their bodies and later return them. Whether Ash’s death was a story device or an actual event is unclear. A part of did ash die in pokemon.

2) Mewtwo Strikes Back

When Mew and Mewtwo are fighting in the first Pokémon film, Ash dives in between them to stop the chain reaction of their two beams that would have otherwise destroyed everything in the area.

In what way? A stone tomb appears to close in on Ash’s mortal remains. However, as is customary in fantastical settings, Ash is miraculously resurrected by the tears of all the nearby Pokémon, even the clones created by Mewtwo. A part of did ash die in pokemon.

3) Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

We have a fascinating villain to contend with in this film: a blob programmed to attack and destroy any people who come too close to the Tree of Origin. Since Ash did it, he joins all the other human characters in the Tree in being “killed” by the blob. Mew and his abilities eventually brought him back to life. A part of did ash die in pokemon.

4) I Choose You!

Here, under the command of the Mythical Pokémon Marshadow, several other Pokémon attacks and continuously strike Ash until he is sent to a form of afterlife, where his body and spirit remain trapped. After Pikachu jumped through a portal to help Ash, he is magically resurrected once again, this time by the legendary Ho-Oh.

5) Manaphy and the Prince of the Sea

In this story, Ash dies of completely natural causes. Specifically, he appears to drown while trying to repair the Sea Crown inside the swiftly flooding castle. Ash nearly drowns, but the Sea Crown’s magic helps him avoid death.

6) The Victini movies

Ash dies of space chill in the second half of the movie centered on Victini and the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom and Reshiram. Even though it’s impossible for anyone to endure the cold of space, Victini is able to resuscitate Ash and bring him back to Earth thanks to the immense heat from his body.

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