Pete Davidson Dating History: Who Has Pete Davidson Dated?


Numerous famous women in Hollywood have been linked romantically to Pete Davidson. The “Saturday Night Live” host definitely has a thing for renowned women of all ages, as evidenced by his fondness for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” stars Cazzie David, Ariana Grande, and Kate Beckinsale. Page Six details all the women Pete Davidson has dated, from girlfriends to flings to exes and beyond, as speculations of his new relationship with Kim Kardashian spread. In this article, we will discuss Pete Davidson dating history.

Pete Davidson Dating History

Carly Aquilino

In 2015, Davidson had a short relationship with “Girl Code” alum Carly Aquilio. The two never went very far with each other, but she plainly had feelings for Davidson. Aquilino reportedly posted on Instagram after becoming engaged to Ariana Grande in 2018: “I know I’m the 9 billionth person to email you today about this, but…I can’t.” A part of Pete Davidson dating history.

Cazzie David

Cazzie David, the daughter of comedian Larry David, became Davidson’s first significant other. When they started dating in May of 2016, things didn’t take long to become serious. And then, in May of 2018, Davidson said they were officially over. Davidson stated to Complex that they were no longer together.

“She’s a very talented young lady; she’ll do very well for herself. Yes, I believe she will be fine. In her upcoming essay collection, “No One Asked for This,” David discusses the split with Davidson and their shared mental health issues, as well as the day he broke up with her before he found out he was seeing Grande. Fortunately, she got past the hurt of their split and said they were friends again. A part of Pete Davidson dating history.

Ariana Grande

Starting a relationship with Ariana Grande was one of Davidson’s most unexpected romantic actions. Soon after Davidson ended things with Cazzie in May 2018, the couple went public with their romance. The couple got engaged only a few weeks after their romance had begun.

However, the pace at which things begin is matched by the speed with which they end. After only five months of dating, the couple split up and called off their engagement in October of 2018. After breaking up with the “Positions” singer, Davidson covered up the tattoo on his neck that was inspired by her. A part of Pete Davidson dating history.

Kate Beckinsale

After his failed engagement to Grande, Davidson quickly moved on with Kate Beckinsale. There is a 20-year age difference between the two, yet they were first romantically linked in January 2019 after they were seen flirting at a Golden Globes after party. In March of that year, they made public their dating status by kissing in the stands at a New York Rangers game.

Page Six reported at the time that their PDA was “an f-k you to Ariana.” Though Davidson is only three years older than Beckinsale’s kid, he and the actress quickly broke up. Page Six reported in April 2019 that they had broken up. Kate, a Hollywood veteran, “struggled with the emphasis on her relationship with Pete,” a source said at the time. He wears his emotions on his sleeve all the time. A part of Pete Davidson dating history.

Margaret Qualley

Davidson experienced a very humid and oppressive summer. According to Page Six, Margaret Qualley and Davidson started dating in August of 2019. The actress was promoting her film “Seberg,” which premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and her boyfriend was spotted out on a romantic dinner date with her.

The changing of the seasons, however, caused their love for one another to wane. In October of that year, she and Davidson split up. Qualley’s mom, actress Andie MacDowell, said her daughter and Davidson had a “wonderful” relationship back in September. She praised their relationship, saying, “She has a lovely relationship with him but I don’t want to step on her relationship too much.” A part of Pete Davidson dating history.

Kaia Gerber

Davidson reconnected with the love of his life in Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber’s daughter Kaia Gerber. Their romance began in October of 2019 and has included a trip to Miami as well as other public outings. We reported that when Gerber and his girlfriend were seeing each other, Gerber’s parents hoped the relationship would “fizzle out.”

They completely stalled out. In January of 2020, Page Six revealed that the pair had split up. Davidson’s mental health had been deteriorating, so he sought treatment. Davidson later acknowledged the separation in February, saying, “She’s extremely young, and I’m f-king going through a lot and it was before I went to rehab.” Neither the setting nor the timing was ideal, he elaborated. A part of Pete Davidson dating history.

Olivia O’Brien

According to Olivia O’Brien, Davidson dated her before he started seeing Phoebe Dynevor in October 2020. But he flat-out denied that their relationship had existed. On the June 2022 episode of the “BFFs” podcast, the singer claimed that she and the comedian had a brief romance that she did not think “nobody knew about.” In addition, she stated that Davidson ended the relationship by text message.

“I’m dating someone else,” he texted me, and she added. It’s like this: “‘So, like, I can’t.'” But O’Brien only spoke highly of Davidson, describing him as a “lovely man.” As for why she dated him in the first place, she revealed some details, saying, “He’s hot, and he’s really hilarious, and he’s really sweet. To put it simply, he’s a nice guy. There is no truth to this,” Davidson’s representative said to Page Six, denying the rumors that the two had dated. They got along well and spent some time together socially. A part of Pete Davidson dating history.

Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Dynevor, who starred in “Bridgerton,” was one of Davidson’s recent leading women. In March of 2021, after Davidson had flown all the way from New York to the UK to be with her, speculation emerged that the two were romantically involved. The fact that they were “spending time” together was verified at the time by a reliable source. Page Six reported in April that their relationship was “not too serious.”

The source said, “Pete must like her if he’s jetting out to lovely little English villages to hang out with her on set.” This would imply that Davidson had developed romantic feelings for Netflix’s beauty. Near the middle of April, Davidson appeared to confirm the rumors about their connection. During a Zoom chat with students from Marquette University, the comedian was asked who his celebrity crush was.

His response: “I’m with my celebrity crush.” When pressed for more details, he admitted, “That is all I can speak about.” But Page Six reported that Davidson and Dynevor split up in August, so their relationship didn’t last long. Distance between them was blamed for their breakup; Davidson now resides in New York, while Dynevor is in England. A part of Pete Davidson dating history.

 Kim Kardashian

After kissing on-screen for a “Saturday Night Live” skit in September 2021, Davidson’s love life continued to be an exciting ride when he and Kim Kardashian were spotted holding hands on a roller coaster in October 2021. A source from the time, however, stated that they were “simply friends,” explaining that they would inevitably run into each other because they socialized in the same circles.

Friends getting together is what it is. Page Six said a few days later that Davidson had set up a secret meal for himself and Kardashian in Staten Island. They were then reported to have been “affectionate” on a second date in the Big Apple. Earlier this year, in November, Page Six reported that the two were really an item.

Importantly, Kourtney Kardashian’s brother Travis Barker is close friends with Davidson’s best friend Machine Gun Kelly. Barker is engaged to Kourtney Kardashian, who founded KKW Beauty. They broke up in August 2022, after dating for nine months, with sources telling Page Six that the partners’ hectic schedules made it difficult for them to devote time to each other. A part of Pete Davidson dating history.

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