Shaina And Christos Still Together: Love Is Blind Still Together?


The second season of ‘Love is Blind’ was pretty eventful for Shaina Hurley, what with her involvement in the love triangle between Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen and her decision to break up with Kyle Abrams because of his atheism. Her search for Mr. Right in this Netflix original may not have been successful, but she isn’t bitter about it because she eventually found Christos Lardakis.

Let’s find out more about them now that we’ve seen a taste of their undoubtedly compatible, genuine, and happy relationship in the three-part “After the Altar” special. In this article we will discuss about shaina and christos still together and many more things related to it.

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Shaina And Christos’ Love Is Blind Journey

In 2019, Shaina “quickly [fell] in love with him” after meeting contractor Christos (or simply Chris) through a mutual friend on Facetime. The hairdresser acknowledged on the reality show that she had romantic feelings for him right away, but that “it was one of those instances where it was the perfect man, bad moment.”

Then, Shaina said, “it’s fascinating how God works because He brought him back into my life in His perfect time.” She went on to say that they ran into each other again at a wedding in Greece. Chris had originally been attracted to Shaina because of her voice, but he was too busy with work at the time to devote himself fully to the relationship.

He continued, “Your heart grows fonder, right?” when asked if he was still committed to his work. To paraphrase Socrates, “either it does if you care about someone, or it doesn’t,” and after his experience in Greece, it did for him. Chris said, “When I’m away from her, like, I miss her.” “It’s over if you miss the person you’re with.

Because they are your best friend and your soulmate, I experience this feeling constantly. In addition to sharing similar personalities, senses of humour, and fundamental values, Shaina and Chris forged a deep bond by consistently demonstrating their commitment to one another.

This is how deeply they trusted one another; despite hearing stories about Shaina and ex-attraction Shane’s inappropriate DMs, the latter didn’t bat an eye. Although he didn’t find anything even remotely sensational or racy in the conversations, it appears that she did reveal them to her new boyfriend – he proposed the night before — later on for him to giggle at. As everyone is interested to know shaina and christos still together.

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Shaina And Christos Still Together?

Approximately one year into their relationship,shaina and christos still together in March 2022, Christos proposed to Shaina while she was completely caught off guard. Of course, she accepted, of course. As a result, it gives us great pleasure to inform you that the couple is not only still together but also just married and celebrated their union in Greece, a country that holds special meaning for both of them.

On July 2, Shaina and Christos had a tiny courthouse wedding, then on July 21, at the Island Art & Taste – Gallery Venue in Vouliagmeni, they renewed their wedding vows in front of family and friends. The cute daughter of the bride and groom showed up to both weddings.

The two of them, Shaina and Christos, appear to be happier than they have ever been right now, especially because they aren’t embarrassed to brag about each other. In fact, her spouse shared a photo of her with the caption, “Happy Birthday @shaina.hurley,” on her birthday in early September. Queen, you are my life. shaina and christos still together.

Your heart is so kind and generous. Love you always, my heart and soul. We appreciate your efforts so much. She also just posted a cute photo of them together with the caption, “Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.” So that the two of us may become one, I offer you my body.

Until our work here is done, I pledge my spirit to you. Fans of [Outlander] will understand. So, while Shaina and Christos bask in their newlywed bliss, here’s wishing them a lifetime of happiness, mutual love, and mutual respect. As now everthing cleared related to shaina and christos still together.

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