Heartbreak High Cast: Who’s In The Teen Series?


The planned show Heartbreak High, which will be produced by Netflix, is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. Heartbreak High is a revival of the Australian television series of the same name that originally aired in 1994. It tells the narrative of a group of high school students as they go through the stages of love, sex, and heartbreak.

Its trailer is very similar to the one for S*x Education, which is another popular show on Netflix. The Australian teen drama Heartbreak High is a high-speed journey inside the thoughts and lives of a group of those youngsters. After the discovery of a secret map that chronicles all of the hook-ups that took place during the school year, AMERIE (16, a rebel, and a loudmouth – THE HEART), the person who created the map, is immediately shunned by her peers.

The school makes the hypersexual pupils participate in a S*xual Literacy Program in an effort to help them get their heads on straight. Amerie must rehabilitate her reputation while navigating love, s*x, and heartbreak with the help of her new friends, outsiders, QUINN (a neuro-divergent truth bomb who belongs to THE BRAINS), and DARREN (an ambitious super-duper gay who belongs to THE CLITORIS). In this article we will discuss about heartbreak high cast.

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Heartbreak High Cast

Ayesha Madon As Amerie

Maydon portrays Amerie, a character that is described by Netflix as having a huge heart but an even bigger mouth. Amerie comes from a working-class background and is brilliant and boisterous. Amerie paints a mural at school that reveals everyone’s relationships with other students.

She will have to cope with the repercussions of her conduct at a later time. Maydon is well-known for her roles in the comedic miniseries The Moth Effect and in the stage versions of Fangirls and Romeo and Juliet respectively. A part of heartbreak high cast.

James Majoos As Darren

In the series, James Majoos portrays the role of Darren. Darren is sarcastic and, much like Amerie, can be brazen on the outside. They are both terrified of the possibility of falling in love and receiving love. Majoos has also made cameo appearances in the television shows Fangirls, Vivid White, and Grand Horizons. A part of heartbreak high cast.

Chloe Hayden As Quinni

Quinni, Hayden’s character, is autistic, and Darren, the character that Hayden plays, is her best friend. She is described by Netflix as “outrageous, visceral, and occasionally a little bit wrongtown.” She struggles to make the connection between her mind and her body and her heart. It was her roles in Jeremy the Dud, Sister from the South, and Embrace Kids that brought Hayden the majority of her fame. A part of heartbreak high cast.

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Asher Yasbincek As Harper

The pupil at Hartley High with a frightening reputation is Harper. The other adults in the building are petrified of her as well. As a result, being a part of her inner circle carries some weight. The preview suggests that Amerie and Harper will be involved in a conflict that the show will investigate. The parts that Yasbincek played in The Heights, Rams, and How to Please a Woman helped make her a household name. A part of heartbreak high cast.

John Heuston As Dusty

Dusty is the school’s most eligible bachelor, having slept with fifty percent of the school’s female students in addition to the school’s male students. Even though he plays bass in an indie rock band, he is just as insecure as any other teenager I’ve ever met. Dive Club, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Finally Me are all movies in which Heuston has appeared. A part of heartbreak high cast.

Gemma Chua-Tran As Sasha

Sasha, who is played by Chua-Tran, is one of the most well-liked lesbians at Hartley High. His roles in the films Diary of an Uber Driver, Mustangs FC, and Back of the Net have made Tran a well-known actor. A part of heartbreak high cast.

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