David Bromstad Tattoos: What Is Tattooed On David Bromstad’s Right Hand?


Fans of David Bromstad, an interior designer, will know that he has so many tattoos that they cover his skin. From top to bottom, bottom to top. Additionally, he has not been bashful about flaunting them. The HGTV personality and current participant on Rock the Block regularly posts photos of his stunning body art on his Instagram account, and he has never been shy about discussing or hiding his ink.

David has numerous tattoos, covering almost all of his skin (including his face), with some being more vivid than others or having a specific theme to them that signify a distinct point in his life. Learn the backstory of some of the tattoos he’s collected and the meanings they represent. In this article, we will discuss David bromstad tattoos.

David Bromstad Tattoos

In all the appearances he’s made on shows like Rock the Block, Design at Your Door, First Time Design, Design Star, and Color Splash, among others, he’s always been fully clothed, so viewers haven’t gotten a chance to see his tattoos. But he’s been able to show off the vast majority of them on Instagram.

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His images show that he has tattoos on the front and sides of his body but not in the middle of his stomach. In June of 2020, he posted a photo on Instagram displaying several tattoos across his chest and abdomen. Many of them reflect his appreciation for the LGBTQ+ community, a source of inspiration for him. david bromstad tattoos.

What is written in the caption is as follows: “Pride! I need more tattoos to show how much I care about my friends and family. You had to get the dabbing unicorn because it was too adorable and funny to pass up. The ‘popping good’ scratch-and-sniff sticker reminds me of the popcorn-eating traditions of my childhood.”

Tattoos honoring Pride include a rainbow-colored unicorn doing the “dab” dance move, the word “family” with a rainbow pattern in the middle, and a “Poppin’ Good” smell and scratch sticker from his youth. For him, the Pride flag tattooed on his leg represents “the LGBT flag, [my] love for color, [my] first tv series, Color Splash, freedom…” The words “Limited Edition” sit atop a heart and his birth year, 1973, in that section. david bromstad tattoos.

Fun fact: David used to be a Disney illustrator, so you can bet his body is covered in Disney-themed ink. He sports a huge Mickey Mouse tattoo on his right bicep. Another mouse persona, this one smaller and older, is included as well. To complete the fantastic look, he also sports a tattoo of the fairytale Cinderella Castle on his thigh.

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“The castle of a princess has been located. Never before had my thigh appeared so enchanted “… he made the following statement. He also sports another famous castle—this time, Hogwarts—on the opposite thigh. He aimed for a sharp contrast between the two castles’ atmospheres. Just a few times after getting his Cinderella tattoo, David got this intricate one.

“This is my most recent tattoo! Due to the Wizarding World, the fantastical world will never be the same, and that’s a good thing. I can’t get over how much I love this Hogwarts tattoo’s clean typography “This was revealed in an Instagram post on his part. And he continued: “Disney and Harry Potter are completely unrelated, yet they have the ability to make the world a more enchanted place. david bromstad tattoos.

See the ‘M’ in magic for yourself. In honor of my love for being a total nerd, I put a lightning bolt here. Make the most of your lives. Live your life as you see fit. Motivate people to relax and enjoy life by simply being themselves. Very simple and enjoyable.”

See the tattoo for yourself and see the details: Pictures show that he also has tattoos around his eyes, on his neck, hands, arms, and biceps, as well as the number 15 on his left forearm, an unknown symbol on his left bicep, the word “LOVE” on his leg, and the number 15 and the word “LOVE” on his left thigh. From certain perspectives, it also appears that he sports a few on his back.

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