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Travis Kelce Break Up Girlfriend: What Happened Between Them?

Football superstar Travis Kelce is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, where he is a tight end for the team. Travis is a young and gifted individual who attended the University of Cincinnati for his undergraduate education and played football for the school.

Seven times, he played in the Pro Bowl, and three times, he was selected to the first team of all-pro players. Travis was an all-around athlete who excelled in football, basketball, and baseball. He received three stars for his performance.

Additionally, he is the current holder of the record for most receiving yards by a tight end in the National Football League, which is 1,000. Even though Travis recently split up with his fiancée, his personal life still appears to be somewhat unstable despite the fact that he appears to be pretty strong in sports. In this article, we will discuss Travis kelce, a break up girlfriend.

Did Travis Kelce Break Up Girlfriend

The on-and-off nature of Travis Kelce’s relationship with his girlfriend Kayla lasted for a considerable amount of time. The couple had only recently reconciled after splitting up in the year 2020, but it appears like their relationship is over for good now.

Kayla’s close friend shared with her that she is ending her relationship with him, but not because he cheated on her, which is another sin that can be committed in a romantic partnership. However, she did make it clear that Travis is stingy when it comes to taking care of his girlfriend or boyfriend. Kayla While Travis only provided his girlfriend with $100, Nicole had already paid for half of their meals, vacations, and other indulgences. Travis kelce break up girlfriend.

travis kelce break up girlfriend

In a similar manner, she paid for things to demonstrate that she was not with him for the sake of financial gain; yet, the player does not appear to consider her to be his better half, but rather a companion with benefits. So the football player went on and signed a contract worth $60 million over the course of four years, but in his relationship with Kayla, he had a tendency to do things in an inexpensive manner.

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What Happened Between Travis Kelce And Kayla Nicole?

The person who won the most recent Super Bowl responded to a report that he had cheated on his then-girlfriend with a tweet. Although the tweet has since been deleted, TMZ took a screenshot of it before it was erased. According to the tweet, NFL athlete Travis Kelce’s girlfriend broke up with him after she found out he was seeing Becky.

“This is not real news… it’s a lie…” But, as Travis pointed out, that is not the reason why Kayla and I are no longer together. “Could you just direct your anger elsewhere?” It would appear at this point that Kayla has removed all of the photographs from social media that she previously shared with her ex-boyfriend. travis kelce break up girlfriend.

She has not discussed the termination of her relationship with him explicitly; instead, she has shared a song on Instagram that is dedicated to “cyber abusers out there.” In the video, Kayla sings that she is “blocking” everyone who doesn’t like her and she will not interact with them. On July 21, Travis shared a picture on Instagram that he had taken of the pair when they were spending their summer vacation on a yacht. The relationship between the two people ended the next day.

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She Has Also Modelled

Kayla has experience modeling in settings other than the media. She has 190,000 followers on Instagram, and she has promoted things to those followers. Tinder, Babe Wine, and Gameday Tailgate Experience are among the companies she has collaborated with in the past.

She has also published a number of images of herself in modeling poses, although it does not appear that anyone has contracted her to work as a model just yet. In addition, Kayla has competed in beauty pageants, where she earned the title of “Top 20 Miss California 2013.”

According to the information provided on her professional Facebook page, she was “First Runner Up Miss Malibu 2013, Top 10 Miss CA USA 2012, 2nd Runner Up Miss Southern Coast Regional 2012, and Third Runner Up Miss Malibu 2012.”

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