Anime Like Black Clover: What Should You Watch If You Like Black Clover?


Black Clover, by Yuki Tabata, is one of the most anticipated new anime and manga series and has quickly become a fan favorite. Anime watchers from all across the world have praised the series, calling it a “masterpiece.” In the world of Black Clover, magic is widely available and practiced by its inhabitants.

But Asta, our protagonist, is an outlier, and this presents a problem for his ambition to become the Wizard King, the person universally acknowledged as the most powerful mage in the kingdom. For its part, Black Clover has established itself as a fan favorite among the current crop of anime and manga series. If you liked Black Clover by Yuki Tabata, you might like these alternative anime series.

Anime Like Black Clover

1) Bleach

Tabata frequently references and mentions Tite Kubo’s Bleach series as an influence and inspiration in his own series, Black Clover, thus readers of Tabata should check out Bleach if they enjoy Black Clover. Both share a focus on exciting battles and dynamic action, as well as a stylish presentation and well-realized characters.

The series’ protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, trains to become a Soul Reaper but soon finds himself in the heart of a conflict between Soul Reapers and Hollows. In addition to its great battle scenes and general look and feel, the series is also praised for its comedic value. A part of anime like black clover.

2) Bastard!!

Netflix’s most recent original animation is an adaptation of Kazushi Hagiwara’s manga of the same name, titled Bastard!!. Despite the manga’s unsatisfactory incompleteness, there is more than enough material for a lengthy anime adaptation. The series, like Black Clover, is set in a medieval-like world with plenty of political intrigue and action.

The show takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of our modern world, where magic and other strange creatures have emerged as a result. Lucien Renlen, a reincarnation of the villainous wizard Dark Schneider, is the series’ main character. Schneider is unsealed at the beginning of the series and immediately goes to work fighting his former allies and investigating a new plot to destroy Earth. A part of anime like black clover.

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3) My Hero Academia

In the same vein as Black Clover, the new-generation anime and manga series My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shows out there right now. Kohei Horikoshi’s series, on the other hand, is set in a civilization where superheroes are commonplace and people begin their training as early as high school.

The protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, starts out the series without any superpowers but gains them early on in the show. Now that he has access to such incredible power, he must devote himself to training and mastering its application in order to become the greatest hero of all time and vanquish evil in the process. A part of anime like black clover.

4) Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is another example of a new generation of anime and manga, joining the ranks of My Hero Academia and Black Clover. The series takes place in modern-day Japan, where Cursed Spirits reside and are exorcised by jujutsu sorcerers.

When these ghosts suddenly appear in Yuji Itadori’s life, he has no choice but to ingest a cursed object in order to have the strength to strike back at his tormentors. He has become the host for Ryomen Sukuna, one of the most dangerous Cursed Spirits in history, but he has no idea that this is the case because of the object he ate.

The punishment for Yuji’s crime of eating the first finger is to eat the remaining 19 fingers, which will murder him and Sukuna in one fell swoop. Even though the series’ plot evolves dramatically over time, its underlying story remains constant. A part of anime like black clover.

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5) Naruto

Among the “Big Three” of classic anime, which also includes Bleach, is Naruto. According to Tabata’s own confessions, Black Clover is not directly affected by Naruto, but as a battle shonen, it was undoubtedly impacted by Naruto. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a teenage orphan who is shunned by his community because he carries the power of a great Tailed Beast within him.

Despite the fact that the villagers despise him, he hopes to earn their respect by rising to the position of Hokage. The show then follows him as he travels a circuitous route to that purpose, teaching him valuable lessons about himself, his friends, and the world. A part of anime like black clover.

6) Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is the latest installment to the popular franchise’s canon of television anime, following up mere months after the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z. The anime continues to follow Son Goku, who has exhausted his options on Earth and is now searching the stars and other dimensions for adversaries.

He gets to meet gods and formidable combatants from different dimensions, which is probably more than he could have asked for. Super, much like Black Clover, is most proud of its action and fight sequences. Fans of Tabata’s series should give this one a shot because of this similarity, despite the fact that it is an entirely separate series. A part of anime like black clover.

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7) Magi

If you’re looking for a series that most closely resembles Black Clover on this list, your best bet is probably Magi, though there are still significant differences between the two. Nevertheless, viewers who enjoyed the latter series should definitely check out this magical, action-packed anime.

The plot centers on youthful magician Aladdin, who has captured a Djinn, a very potent spirit who substantially enhances the owner’s abilities. When he finally does encounter Aladdin, the two form an alliance to plunder yet another lair for its trove of Djinn. In doing so, however, they discover their shared destiny and embark on their respective roles in the impending catastrophes. A part of anime like black clover.

8) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Both Black Clover devotees and non-dedicated anime watchers agree that the show’s female characters are well-written and well-rounded. If you enjoyed this section, you may also enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood by Hiromu Arakawa, which is equally well-known for its great female writing.

Alphonse and Edward Elric are two brothers who, as children, sacrificed their lives in an attempt to bring their dead mother back to life. Edward became a State Alchemist to gain financial and investigative independence when they failed to obtain their bodies back. On the other hand, the two young men are drawn into a conflict that quickly grows beyond their wildest expectations.

9) Radiant

Like Black Clover, Radiant is set in a magical universe where magic is widely used but is generally viewed with skepticism rather than acceptance. Further similarities between the two series include the presence of adolescent characters who must strike out on their own in order to fulfill their potential.

The protagonist of Radiant is a sorcerer named Seth who hopes to end the war between sorcerers and humans by vanquishing all the falling monsters known as Nemeses. In order to accomplish this, he must seek out and locate the legendary origin of Nemeses, the Radiant. However, he and his companions face numerous obstacles, including the Inquisition and other hostile groups.

10) Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer

Anime and manga fans, rejoice: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer is the breakout hit of the next generation. The two programs couldn’t be more different in terms of setting and plot, yet they do share some common themes and touch on some of the same issues and messages.

In Demon Slayer, we follow young Tanjiro Kamado as he returns home one day to find his family slaughtered by demons, with the exception of his younger sister, Nezuko. In spite of this, he swiftly discovers that she has been transformed into a demon and vows to battle a Demon Slayer to defend her. They win, but the Slayer doesn’t kill them, so they can try to return Nezuko to human form.

Final Lines

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