The Marked Heart Season 2 Will Premiere In 2023!


Pálpito, also known as The Marked Heart, is available to watch online on Netflix. People didn’t spend any time getting through the whole season after it became available on April 20. Fans are now curious as to whether or not there will be a Season 2.

In the following, we’ve detailed all we know regarding the second season of The Marked Heart. Colombian author Leonardo Padrón is responsible for the thriller series The Marked Heart. CMO Producciones helmed by Camilo Vega and produced the series. The protagonist, Simón, is a man on the lookout for the organ traffickers responsible for his wife’s death.

The film stars Michel Brown, Ana Luca Dominguez, Sebastián Martnez, Margarita Muoz, Moisés Arizmendi, and Valeria Emiliani in a gripping thriller. The series was successful in keeping its audience on the edge of their seats because of its many unexpected plot turns. Moreover, when everything finally concluded, they were still left wanting more. What about a second season of The Marked Heart? Learn about the current state of an anticipated sequel down below!

The Marked Heart Season 2 Storyline

Season one ended with a dramatic sequence in which Simon successfully freed Samatha. She was saved from an organ trafficking ring right in the nick of time. Fans are curious about the second season’s plot point of Camila and Zacarias’ potential reunion. Who is in charge of organ trafficking remains a mystery. Fans are dying to know if Simon and Camila will ever get back together.

The Marked Heart Season 2 Release Date

Not quite a month has passed since the premiere of the first season, and already we are left wondering when we can get our hands on the follow-up. Although production on Season 2 of The Marked Heart has not yet commenced, the news is official.


After its first release on Netflix on April 20th, the show quickly rose to the top of Netflix’s worldwide Top 10 lists. The Marked Heart is now ranked #2 on Netflix’s Top Ten list, as of this writing. The global success of The Marked Heart would seem to increase the show’s prospects of getting renewed for a second season. Some of the countries where the series is the most popular are Argentina, France, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, and Spain.

It has been extremely successful in all regions where Spanish is spoken, and it has also proven to be quite popular in Europe. The Marked Heart is perfect for Netflix since it is successful in markets that will grow in importance to the streaming service. If (more likely, when) a second season is approved, production on it would likely take at least a year, therefore I anticipate that it will debut on Netflix sometime between April and December of 2023.


Celebrities like Michel Brown, Ana Luca Dominguez, Sebastián Martnez, Margarita Muoz, Moisés Arizmendi, and Valeria Emiliani appear in the show. Many (if not all) of those performers will be back for season two. I anticipate that the second season will also consist of 14 episodes.


As I indicated above, Netflix has not announced when Season 2 of The Marked Heart will be available to stream. When Season 2 will air is still up in the air. Given the show’s success, though, I don’t expect it to be too long until a second season is announced.

This page will be updated as soon as we learn more about the status of Season 2 of The Marked Heart on Netflix. It has been speculated that the second season could premiere as early as April of 2023. No matter what occurs, shooting and editing the second season will take time. Not much time was spent actually filming the first season of the show, but considerable amounts of time were spent editing it.

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