Rocket League Season 8: All New Features & Rewards


Rocket League’s eighth season is here. Following the conclusion of the previous season, we can now look forward to seeing what Psyonix has in store for us in the next weeks and months. It’s all right here for your perusal! Amazingly, summer is done and a new Rocket League season has begun already. Even before it was announced, we were excited about the new features and looking forward to returning to the Battle Arena.

There’s a wealth of unexplored information here; let’s get started exploring it. All the relevant details are summed up for you here. If there’s a major update, when can we expect it? What kind of payoffs can you anticipate? Can you explain the alterations to the gameplay? All of this and more are available here.

Rocket League Season 8: Everything You Need To Know

Beautiful and savvy soccer aficionados like us might anticipate a slew of improvements with the start of the new season. Since our favorite game became free-to-play, Psyonix has been consistently providing updates. We’re currently in Season 8 of Rocket League, with each season lasting roughly three months. So, when do we need to be paying attention this time?

Season 8 Release Date

Season 7 of Rocket League was quite lavish and brought us much happiness, but unfortunately, it is now over. On September 7th, after the conclusion of Season 7, Season 8 of Rocket League was released. Although there was a brief period when the servers were down (which is to be expected with such a massive update), we have since moved on to the brand-new features. And there are, as always, many fascinating things to learn about…

New Arena Sovereign Heights

Rocket League Season 8 introduces a brand-new Battle Arena, the first one in the series in quite some time. Sovereign Heights is a stunning neighborhood that is far from the bright lights of the Utopia Colosseum, but close to the city’s famous Centered Park. Since we’re launching a brand-new Battle Arena, we’ve prepared a few tests for you to take part in. Throughout Rocket League Season 8, you can participate in weekly and seasonal challenges to gain drops, credits, gear, and more. You should accelerate now.

Rocket Pass: Honda Civic And New Tiers

When Rocket League Season 8 finally arrives, the new Rocket Pass will be one of the most noticeable differences. While the Basic Pass remains free, a new Premium Rocket Pass will be available for a price and feature more tiers and incentives. Premium Rocket Pass buyers can also check out a real-life automobile for the first time. A first for Rocket League, the Honda Civic Type R! If you put in the time and effort to level up to level 70, you’ll unlock not only the second, enhanced version but also some really sweet items and decals.

Ranked Season Reset

Earning XP is necessary to progress through the Rocket Pass levels and claim the enticing rewards. To obtain these, you must first engage in one of Rocket League’s game modes. If you want more of a challenge than what you can get in casual games, try some ranked games versus actual opponents. You’ll start at the bottom of the list and work your way up the rankings as you rack up wins and solid showings. Better prizes await those who rise higher on the leaderboard. Plus, the more you play, the further you’ll go in the Rocket Pass.

On occasion, Psyonix will host a Double XP event or bring back a previously featured LTM. Whether you’re paying for the game or not, you shouldn’t miss these. If you find the regularly ranked queue boring after a time, you may always switch to tournament play. New tournament rewards, including Goal Explosions, Toppers, and more, are also on the way in Rocket League Season 8. And now you are prepared for the launch of Season 8 of Rocket League. We will update this site if any more information becomes available in the coming weeks. At least Psyonix has promised further perks for the Formula 1 Fan Pass 2022 and NASCAR in the near future.

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