Gabby Bachelorette Dating: She Hasn’t Commented Publicly About The Photo!


There is a shot of co-lead Gabby Windey threatening to quit the whole thing in the teaser trailer for the final episode of The Bachelorette season 19, which is packed with all kinds of drama. Warning: this paragraph contains a spoiler: in the end, Gabby makes her decision to be with Erich Schwer, and the two of them get engaged. Fans of The Bachelorette are well aware, however, that becoming engaged to someone on the program is not a guarantee that the couple will remain together after the show ends. Is it safe to assume that this couple is still together? Here is the information that you require. In this article, we will discuss gabby bachelorette dating.

Gabby And Erich Are Still Together

According to Reality Steve, who claims that the two are still together despite the fact that things have appeared to be going very smoothly for them, the answer is yes, the two are still together. According to what Steve writes on his website, “No matter the drama that unfolds in Mexico, it’s not like anyone else comes back for her.” “He’s the only guy that’s still here. They were able to overcome it, and they are now together.” gabby bachelorette dating.

But They Might Not Be Engaged

Reality Steve claims that there is a “possibility” that the couple did not in fact get engaged in Mexico and that they are instead still merely dating, but he is unable to corroborate this information at this time. “The most important thing that I checked on was whether or not they are still together, and I was told that they unquestionably are,” he explained.


Gabby Seems Happy With How Things Ended On The Show

It would appear that Gabby is satisfied with how her adventure has progressed as a whole. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Gabby said of herself and her co-lead Rachel Recchia, “We’re both incredibly thrilled.” It was so obvious how much it changed our journey in such a positive way by having a friend by your side,” Gabby said. “Really, you felt less alone, you felt so supported. Knowing that somebody is going through the same thing is a feeling that nobody else can really give you. It’s tumultuous and very empathetic.” gabby bachelorette dating.

After An old Photograph Was Unearthed, Erich Is Now The Subject Of Controversy

Erich, the main character of Gabby, is currently dealing with some intense off-screen controversy after a high school yearbook photo surfaced showing him in blackface. In the photo, which has been circulating in a viral Reddit post, Erich appears in blackface and an afro wig during what looks like a high school costume day. Blackface has a deeply problematic and racist history, as it involves depicting oneself in a way that “mocks or ridicules” Black. And after all this everyone wants to know does gabby bachelorette dating?

Gabby Hasn’t Commented Publicly About The Photo

Due to the fact that she is now preparing for the nineteenth season of Dancing With the Stars, Gabby has not commented on the photo of Erich wearing blackface.

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