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Roblox is a sandbox physics MMORPG in which users may design and share their own levels using a variety of in-game tools and code. As a result of being available online since 2005, the game has quickly become a favorite (and inspiring) pastime for kids of all ages. Roblox has been able to consistently attract and retain a huge number of users because of the sheer variety of gameplay experiences that have been built by the community.

Roblox’s primary focus is on users’ ability to imagine and build their own unique virtual worlds using a combination of premade templates, user-created blocks, and the Lua programming language. Players can make their own racing, role-playing, battle royale, platforming adventure, and other types of virtual games using this code to program Roblox bricks and other elements to do certain tasks. In this article, we will discuss games like Roblox.


You can make your own mini-games, challenges, or puzzles in Fancade, making it one of the few mobile games like Roblox that offers such a feature. Roblox aficionados will enjoy the game’s arcade and construct modes, even though the main quest mode tasks them with solving hundreds of the developer’s own wonderfully created and varied puzzles. These settings are evocative of Roblox, with the arcade providing access to user-made puzzles and minigames organized in the same ways (featured, popular, or tag).

Mini-golf, solitaire, driving, and platform games are just a few examples of the many available alternatives for gaining online notoriety through the accumulation of plays and likes. The construction menu makes it easy for anyone to publish their games to our arcade, whether they’re expanding upon an existing project or starting from scratch. It may take some practice to make a mobile game, but once you do, you won’t want resources, including scripting languages, to make your own digital masterpiece. games like roblox.

Garry’s Mod

Using the same scripting language as Roblox (Lua), Garry’s Mod (or GMod) lets Roblox players transfer their skills to one of Steam’s most popular titles. Using the Source Engine as its foundation, Garry’s Mod allows players to create anything they can think of by spawning, customizing, and manipulating hundreds of thousands of things. The Steam Workshop, which is the engine behind Garry’s Mod, has a continually growing community library of addons, models, and structures that take influence from the real world and other games.

Popular creations in Garry’s Mod, much like those in Roblox, are in a constant state of flux, driven by community enhancements and shifting trends, as well as practically monthly new updates to the core game, which increase the number of available tools and materials. Trouble in Terrorist Town, Zombie Survival, and Jailbreak are three examples of very well-liked adventures. games like roblox.

Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles, which can be played on both mobile devices and computers, is a game with gameplay centered around creating and sharing virtual environments with other players, much like Roblox. Opting for parkour, driving, and platforming focus Cubic Castles worlds are filled with various challenges made by other players which gives them a similar vibe to Roblox worlds however a lack of scripting and certain other capabilities makes them more vanilla in contrast.

Instead, Cubic Castles gives a more organized gameplay experience with its mining, farming, and trading mechanisms while still maintaining Minecraft’s signature feel. Outside of the isolated “castles,” as the game environments are popularly referred to, there are also player levels, avatar customization, missions, and clans that give longer-term commitments and advancement for your games. games like roblox.


Kogama is a great alternative to Roblox because it follows a similar premise (whose slogan is “Play, create, and share multiplayer games”) while still providing a unique experience. Kogama may not be as massive, but it still boasts tens of thousands of users and a wide variety of gaming environments. There is some crossover between popular Kogama worlds and popular Roblox worlds because both have parkour, racing, fighting arenas, and crafting excursions, but the former are more consistent. Programming and scripting are supported in Kogama to add depth and interactivity, albeit they are not as flexible as Roblox’s Lua language. Instead of writing code from scratch, most developers just place pre-scripted world objects. games like roblox.


The curious youngster who wants to design, construct, and investigate physics through their own creation will find much to do in Algodoo, one of the free games like Roblox on this page. Algodoo isn’t only for PCs; it’s also accessible for iOS, though it works best on a tablet like the iPad Pro so there’s plenty of room to draw your worlds. 2D shapes, objects, and tools are used in this production process to make one-of-a-kind games, innovations, and experiments that take advantage of accurate physics. With the addition of world painting and the use of ropes and gears, the possibilities for Algodoo are only limited by the player’s own creativity. Many people have made working autos, basketball shooting games, Tetris, marble races, and even a Super Mario clone. games like roblox.


Blockland provides a Lego-like experience for those who like to concentrate on the construction of large-scale projects (such as towns, castles, or sports stadiums). The downside is that this is one of the few paid games on this list, which means fewer people are involved in Blockland and the community is smaller as a result. While Blockland’s multiplayer architecture does allow for games with friends and strangers, the game’s high price tag and relatively limited player base mean that it is best suited for solo play. Blockland’s day/night cycles and lighting customization options help make up for its flaws when it comes to creating immersive and lifelike worlds. You can use this to make your own playable games with the help of bots, karts, zombies, animals, and other sports stuff. games like roblox.


Free-to-play game Blocksworld is similar to Roblox in that it allows for player customization and may be programmed using blocks. The Mac and PC versions of Blocksworld have recently been released. Even though it only provides a basic set of tools and has stopped receiving updates, it’s rich enough to spark your creativity.

In essence, Blocksworld’s gameplay is quite similar to Roblox, with an emphasis on creating and sharing item-filled environments with other users and exploring the worlds created by the community. The wide variety of blocks available in Blocksworld makes this possible, and action blocks make it easy to build in-universe components like wheels, sensors, and motors. While the in-game scripting for complex designs isn’t quite as powerful as the Lua coding language, it’s a nice alternative for people who find Roblox Lua a bit too challenging to get started with. games like roblox.


Growtopia is one of the few Roblox-style mobile apps, and the sandbox community experience is also available on consoles including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. One notable feature of Growtopia is that your progress may be shared across some of the supported platforms. Growtopia’s massive user base, attested to by the tens of millions of downloads of the original iOS and Android versions, puts it in direct competition with Roblox and guarantees a wide variety of playable worlds, mini-games, and other creations. In contrast to Roblox’s 3D virtual environments, Growtopia is a 2D platform. games like roblox.


If you’re a fan of role-playing games on Roblox and appreciate basic fighting, item collection, and dungeon exploring, Trove is a great alternative. While both games share a blocky visual style, Trove, a competing sandbox MMO, puts more emphasis on your character’s development and battles, making it feel one-dimensional compared to Roblox’s ever-growing library of games.

Not that Trove isn’t a terrific high-quality MMORPG; it is, but its appeal is largely confined to a small fraction of Roblox aficionados. Trove Clubs, however, are private locations where players may gather together and make their own specific environment, so the game still has some room for personalization. Guests can explore your world without causing any harm, and only members of the right rank can make changes to it. games like roblox.

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