Now You see Me 3 Release Date 2022: Is The Sequel Still Happening?


There were low hopes for the magic-centered action comedy Now You See Me when it slithered into theatres in the early Summer of 2013. Still, the film’s savvy mix of magic and mayhem proved an instant hit with audiences, conjuring well north of $300 million at the worldwide box office, thanks in large part to a crackling screenplay and a charismatic cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, and Dave Franco. Unsurprisingly, the executives at Lionsgate Films immediately began working on a sequel, this time bringing back the entire original ensemble.

The 2016 big-screen reunion of The Four Horsemen and their ominous overseers, The Eye, proved just as much fun as the original, and just as profitable, with Now You See Me 2 essentially matching the box office take of its predecessor. Fisher was replaced by Lizzy Caplan’s new character due to her pregnancy. The sequel to Now You See Me also introduced intriguing new elements to the setting of the franchise, thereby throwing open the door for a third film in the series. Producers of the Now You See Me franchise had already cast Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of the film’s antagonist before NYSM2 had even opened in theatres.

However, the plans for that much-anticipated sequel have seemingly pulled a full-on David Copperfield, as no news on the project has been heard in quite some time. Thankfully, Lionsgate appears ready to organize its magical deck, and it appears that the second installment in the Now You See Me franchise is finally getting off the ground. This is all the information we have about Now You See Me 3. In this article we will discuss now you see me 3 release date 2022 and many more things related to it.

Now You See Me 3 Be Release Date 2022

It shouldn’t be shocking to hear that there isn’t much information available about the Now You See Me 3 release date 2022. In all honesty, the “movement” we alluded to places NYSM3 in its formative phases. However, in case you hadn’t heard, after several years of inactivity, Lionsgate has hired a writer to create a screenplay for the picture. Sure enough, it seems like Ed Solomon, who wrote the first two New York City Slayers movies, won’t be back for the third. John M. Chu, who directed Now You See Me 2 and had said he’d return for the third film, has also stepped down from his position. Since those two writers have left and a new one has joined, The Four Horsemen may take a slightly different turn than expected.

The good news is that Oscar-nominated screenwriter Eric Warren Singer (American Hustle, Top Gun: Maverick) has been hired by Lionsgate to pen the story. Since this information has only recently been public, it is safe to presume that Singer is still in the preliminary stages of writing and that there is not much more happening with the project at this time. That leaves us completely in the dark about when we can expect to see Now You See Me 3. There’s a good chance the studio will try to move the production along as quickly as they can because it’s been nearly four years since Now You See Me 2 came out. If Singer can work his magic, production on Now You See Me 3 could pick up speed now. now you see me 3 release date 2022.

now you see me 3 release date 2022

Now You See Me 3 Cast

Now that we know Now You See Me 3 is in production, even if we don’t know when it might hit theatres, the most obvious question becomes who of the original cast members will return. Given that nearly all of the actors have maintained hectic schedules in the years following the release of the last film, answering that question proves especially challenging.

However, before we get to the original Now You See Me cast, we should definitely believe that Benedict Cumberbatch has a legitimate opportunity at appearing as NYSM3’s villain. Only his Marvel commitments would prevent Cumberbatch from taking the part, but he also has several other films in development that will keep him busy at least through 2022. If you were hoping for a Marvel Cinematic Universe reunion between Dr. Strange and the Hulk in Now You See Me 3,  now you see me 3 release date 2022 we’re sorry to disappoint you. Cumberbatch aside, there are just as many question marks surrounding the rest of the Now You See Me cast.

To fit the Now You See Me 2 shoot into the busy schedules of actors like Ruffalo, Eisenberg, Caine, Franco, Caplan, Freeman, and Harrelson, real scheduling magic probably had to take place. An all-star cast is likely to have busy schedules outside of the project they’re working on together, making it more difficult to coordinate their schedules and get everything done on time. It’s also possible that Lionsgate wants to start fresh with the third Now You See Me film, which would necessitate casting new actors. It would be surprising, however, if none of the series’ more recognizable characters showed up. now you see me 3 release date 2022.  After such an amazing cast of the previous season everyone is excited for now you see me 3 release date 2022.

now you see me 3 release date 2022

Now You See Me 3 Storyline

Jesse Eisenberg, for what it’s worth, is still very interested in filming a third installment of Now You See Me, though he, too, is apparently starting to worry about audiences losing interest in the world. It’s even more problematic because it’s possible that the audience won’t recall all the story twists and turns that occurred in the first two films. Just like a wonderful magic trick, both Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2 performed in the area of cinematic sleight-of-hand, nearly to the point of blatant silliness.

They executed it with such panache, charisma, and swagger that the audience didn’t seem to mind how many times the rug was yanked out from under them. For those who need a refresher, the first two films chronicled the exploits of a ragtag group of criminal magicians who are recruited by a sinister underground magic organization known as The Eye in order to pull out spectacular heists while being hotly pursued by the FBI and Interpol. When we left The Four Horsemen, they had been thrown for a loop after a series of unexpected disclosures had taken them farther into The Eye’s realm than anybody could have predicted. everyone is expecting for now you see me 3 release date 2022.

Unfortunately, the audience has not been given a proper glimpse behind The Eye’s own curtain. That should change with Now You See Me 3, as Dylan (Ruffalo) and his daring group of illusionists have been officially welcomed into the fold. Though we will undoubtedly see how The Eye operates in Now You See Me 3, the film’s premise remains largely a mystery. The only thing we know for sure about Now You See Me 3 is that there will be a lot of magic going on, and we can’t wait to get sucked into the illusion all over again.

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