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The long, agonising hiatus ends with Tower Of God Chapter 551. Most of the audience is aware of this. After one year, the manga will be cancelled. The information was posted on the artist SIU’s blog. It didn’t take long for the audience to figure out that SIU’s health problems were behind the trip. The information provided here is essential for understanding the following chapter.

The following plot will touch on several different subjects. The remainder of the novel centres on Baam’s first family outing. Yama is still counting on the mothership to help them escape the people.

In total, Tower of God’s manhwa has more than 500 chapters, features a big cast of characters, and follows a complicated plot. It’s tough to keep up with all that happens in the manhwa on a regular basis.

Date of Publication for Tower of God Chapter 551

The reason for the long hiatus is SIU’s declining health. So, the hiatus will end when he recovers from his illness and the exhaustion of the past 12 months. SIU takes pride in his work as a manhwa artist and values the feedback he receives from his readers. Everyone here knows he’s trying to keep sketching even if he’s sick so he can come back with more interesting material.

Temporary delays associated with TOG 551 are expected to last no longer than three to five months. As a result, we can assume that the release of Tower of God Chapter 551 will occur in or around the month of December 2022. The publication date will be announced on the SIU blog and Webtoon as soon as it is finalised. So, please, do not go anywhere!


Fans of Tower of God are unlikely to read this section anytime soon. The performance that could keep people guessing for a while is a true throwback to simpler times. For the first time in almost 400 chapters, Baam is visiting his original mentor. The tale ends with Baam being murdered by the female passengers of the Androssi Zahard raft. Everyone in the tower learned of Traumerei’s death.

The fact that the youngster has ingested Leviathan only adds to his terrifying reputation. Many of the plotlines introduced in earlier chapters will continue in Tower of God Chapter 551. The ensuing acts will focus on Baam and Lilial’s dynamic. In the meantime, Yama’s performance will wrap up in the coming chapters.

Synopsis of the Tower of God Manga’s Chapter 550

Mr. Kitty Koon leaves his apartment at the beginning of Chapter 55 of Tower of the Gods to look around. Yama was there to support the protagonist as the ship transporting them to safety drew near. Yama engaged Khel Helram in combat and promptly dispatched him. Yet there was a bustle in the air.

Paitz told Yama that they appeared to be dog ears. The man was officially certified deceased at this point. The story concludes with Lilial Zahard’s boat still floating on water. Traumerei waited patiently in his room for Gustang to resolve the issue.

He broke off the engagement and told Kirin that Baam had eaten Leviathan. Three days later, Baam and his companions boarded the ship of the mysterious Traumerei. The chapter ended with Baam’s original teacher’s return.

Chapter 551 of Tower of God: Secrets Revealed

Readership for Tower of God is unlikely to skyrocket anytime soon. For a while, they could be on edge due to how reminiscent the performance is of the past. This is Baam’s first class with his original teacher after more than 400 chapters. The chapter’s climax occurred when the women on the Androssi Zahard ship killed Baam while he was drifting nearby. Tragic news of Traumerei’s passing was relayed to all of the residents of the tower.

Scarier than ever now that the kid has ingested Leviathan. Many of the threads introduced in earlier chapters of The Tower of God will continue in Chapter 551. Acts 2 and 3 will focus on the romance between Baam and Lilial. Yama’s deed will be resolved in the next few chapters of the book.

The Best Place to Find Chapter 551 of the Tower of God Manga

Tower of God is a manga manhwa that can be read online at Webtoon. It’s a Webtoon, So You Can Read It By the end of December 2022, you’ll be able to get your hands on it.

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When This Tower of God Chapter 551 Was Published

ToG manhwa fans knew this was coming, yet the series was suspended indefinitely. As of this writing, the mangaka’s well-being remains unknown. The previous break lasted a full calendar year. When Tower of God will resume the story of Baam in Chapter 551 is anyone’s guess. As further details become available, we will update this section. Stay tuned to The nntheblog for breaking news and other updates.

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