Who is Tully Smyth Dating 2022? Relationship Status


Tully Smyth appeared as a 2013 competitor on the Australian version of Big Brother. Along with her ex-boyfriend Anthony Drew, she is now competing as a member of the royal family on the upcoming season of Big Brother AU.
Reality television actress and social media sensation Tully Smyth resides in Melbourne, Australia. She became well-known after she appeared on the 2013 season of Big Brother and began an on-screen relationship with Anthony Drew, whom she later revealed she was dating in real life while also continuing to see Tahlia Farrant.

The couple continued their relationship after the show ended. Unfortunately, they called it quits in January of 2014 after a brief but intense romance. Tully claims that the couple split up because she was too distracted by her newfound fame after the show and too worried about her relationship with Thalia.

Tully Smyth began dating when?

After breaking up with Big Brother AU houseguest Anthony Drew in June 2021, Tully Smyth has been seeing Big Brother AU houseguest Daniel Parisi. She made her romance with her boyfriend public by posting a series of images of the two of them together.
Nazario Parisi is the CEO of the eponymous Australian menswear label, and his son Daniel runs the show as the company’s creative director. His family, which includes wife Mergay and sons Matthew, Daniel, Lewis, and Lawrence, is the sole owner of the renowned company.

Very nothing is known about Daniel outside this one fact. On the other side, Tully is very active on Instagram, frequently posting images of herself and her significant other. The couple seems to take pleasure in going on romantic getaways. In the meanwhile, Daniel is private about his life. And so is his Instagram account, which he has also made secret. In addition, there is scant online data about Daniel, Tully’s alleged fiance.

Just how old will Tully Smyth be in the year 2022?

On October 18th, 1987, Tully Smyth was born in Melbourne, Victoria. In 2022, she will have been 35 years old. She is also the host of her own web show and content producer.

She has held the roles of marketing manager at Keystone Hospitality and social media manager at Clemenger BBDO in the past. She has been the host of numerous internet travel shows, including STA Travel’s UK Adventures, Pedestrian TV’s Cook Islands Adventures, and Contiki’s USA Adventures.

The question everyone wants answered: How rich is Tully Smyth?

After making an appearance on Big Brother in 2013, Tully Smyth gained widespread recognition. Tully has been cryptic about her salary. However, estimates put that number in the millions. She is a model and a social media influencer, with 211k Instagram followers.

The reality celebrity will compete for the crown in Big Brother 2022. According to her Instagram, she collaborates with and models for several fashion and cosmetics brands.

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Who is Tully Smyth Dating Currently?

While information on Tully Smyth’s family and upbringing is scant, her romantic history is not. In the course of filming Big Brother, the celebrity dated both Tahlia Farrant and Anthony Drew. Everybody wants to know who Tully Smyth has dated in the past, so let’s have a look.

This is a picture of Tully Smyth and Tahlia Farrant.

During Tahlia Farrant’s Big Brother 2013 appearance, Smyth was dating her. When Smyth began flirting with and developing feelings for another flatmate, Anthony Drew, their relationship came to an end. It was really upsetting for Smyth when she and Tahlia Farrant broke up. Smyth’s emptiness was palpable, and he expressed his sorrow and anguish to anyone who would listen. After their breakup in 2014, Farrant and Smyth remained friends despite the grief of their loss. In a letter to Farrant from the present day, Smyth expresses her appreciation for Farrant’s assistance in “opening her eyes to the world around her.”

Anthony Drew and Tully Smyth

The Big Brother experience brought Smyth and Anthony Drew closer together. Tully and Anthony started dating despite Anthony finding Tully unpleasant. Things came to an end, however, when Tully was kicked out of the house. Smyth’s intentions to reconcile with Drew did not last long. After Smyth left the show, they began to drift apart. Smyth and her ex-girlfriend Tahlia Farrant broke up after this because Farrant saw Anthony and Tully’s fling develop into a romantic relationship. Currently, plans call for the duo to return to Big Brother for a subsequent season in 2022.

Both Tully Smyth and Daniel Parisi

Smyth is currently seeing Daniel Parisi, who lives in Melbourne. They started going out in June of 2021. The two allegedly started dating for nearly a year after meeting on the dating app Hinge. Smyth updated her Instagram with a number of pictures of her new boyfriend. Smyth and Parisi’s connection, on the other hand, is private and not open to the public.

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