Kaiju No 8 Anime Release Date: Will There Be Number 8? Renewed Or Not?


Very exciting! A new anime adaptation of the popular manga series Kaiju No. 8 was unveiled today by Crunchyroll. The announcement arrives just in time for the upcoming anime exhibition hosted by the anime streaming service, suggesting that more details will be revealed later this week. Check out the official announcement through @Crunchyroll below while we wait for further details to be released. You may be wondering what the future of this cartoon holds now that we have this long-awaited update. In this article, we will read about kaiju no 8 anime release date and many more things related to it.

What Is Kaiju No. 8 About

Kafka Hibino is at the bottom of the social hierarchy in a world where fearsome monsters known as “Kaiju” scourge the land. Kafka had originally hoped to join the Defense Corps, a group of elite individuals who often put their lives in danger to eliminate the threat posed by Kaiju. But because of the extremely selective process (and because Kafka was really down on his luck), he didn’t, unlike his boyhood best friend Mina Ashiro. Kafka realizes he can change into a powerful Kaiju at will after unintentionally consuming one.

He decides to test out for the Defense Corps now that he’s stronger, faster, and more confident thanks to his new talent so that he can catch up to Mina. This is easier said than done, however, because his newfound power could lead to his death if word gets out. How does Kafka plan on joining the Defense Force? How will he conceal his strength if he is accepted into this elite fighting force? When the anime finally premieres, we’ll have the answers to these and many other questions. As everyone is excited for the kaiju no 8 anime release date.

kaiju no 8 anime release date

Want To Know More? See Kaiju No. 8‘s Synopsis Via Crunchyroll Here

Kafka promised his best friend Mina when they were little that he would join the Japan Defense Force and fight with her. But while Kafka is busy cleaning up after her bouts, the Third Division captain is out neutralizing kaiju. Kafka decides to re-enlist in the Defense Force after a rule change renders him eligible. The one catch is that the Defense Force has put him on a list to be destroyed, designated as Kaiju No. 8.

Kaiju No. 8 Teaser Trailer

We still haven’t seen an official trailer that showcases the entire cast and all the thrilling set pieces. A rather cool preview of the new anime was released today, though. kaiju no 8 anime release date.

Kaiju No. 8 Release Date

We have neither a trailer nor a synopsis at this time, but we do have the release date. Even so, we anticipate that by no later than 2023, anime fans will be able to enjoy this series. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Naturally, we’ll let you know as soon as a firm date is announced. The announcement of an anime version of Kaiju No. 8 is, once again, very exciting. When new and intriguing details are revealed, be sure to return to Hidden Remote. kaiju no 8 anime release date.

Kaiju No. 8’s Upcoming Anime: A Short-Lived but Dedicated Fanbase

The rights to distribute the manga outside of Japan currently belong to Viz Media. The business publishes new installments both digitally and in print, however, the latter takes longer to arrive. The eighth installment of the Monster manga is published by Shueisha on their MANGA Plus service. Here’s the lowdown on Kaiju No. 8’s plot: Since Japan has the greatest kaiju (weird monster) emergence rate in the world, it is no stranger to attacks by these deadly creatures.

The Japanese government has dispatched the Japan Defense Force to eliminate the kaiju threat. Kafka For as long as he can remember, Hibino, a guy who makes his living cleaning up after kaiju, has wanted to be a police officer. When given a second chance at his goal, though, he changes in ways he never expected. Since he has become a kaiju, how can he destroy them? In the years following its release, Kaiju No. 8 has amassed a wide and devoted audience. By September of 2021, 4 million copies of the manga had been sold around the world. kaiju no 8 anime release date

This makes it the quickest manga in the history of Shonen Jump+ to achieve this benchmark. In addition to being nominated for the Eisners in May, Kaiju No.8 was also shortlisted for the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in February of this year and the 14th Manga Taisho awards in January of 2021. In addition, in August of 2021, it won the “Next Manga Awards” for the best web manga.

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