Berserk Chapter 368 Selease Date Status: Will This Be The Finale?


This week, you may expect to read Berserk Chapter 368. Kentaro Miura has created a gloomy fantasy world heavily influenced by medieval Europe for his manga series. Two lone swordsmen, Guts and Griffith, work as mercenaries for the “Band of the Hawk.” In 1992, Hakusensha’s Monthly Animal House magazine folded, and Berserk made its debut in the magazine that would eventually become Young Animal. The series prototype debuted in 1988, and it was designed by Miura. After Miura’s untimely passing in May 2021, his final chapter, written and illustrated by him, was published in September 2021; in June 2022, the series was summed up by Kouji Mori [ja], a boyhood friend and fellow manga artist, and the apprentices and assistants at Studio Gaga.

Black Swordsman Gusts travels the Middle Ages, killing demons that are drawn to the mark on his neck. He is aided by an elf named Puck, a prosthetic left hand, a huge sword, and superhuman power. He was raised by mercenaries and developed superhuman abilities as a result. During his quest for vengeance against the person responsible for the mark, he encounters a wide range of fascinating beings and people. Let’s check over the 367 recaps, the 368 release date, and the best places to get the Berserk manga. In this article we will discuss the berserk chapter 368 release date and many more things related to it.

Berserk Chapter 367 Recap

The battle between Zodd and Guts continues in this chapter. Watching from a safe distance, Danan, Isidro, Isma, and Serpico—all freshly released from their brownie duties—prevent Griffith from reaching the other fighter. After that, Danan trembles and eventually collapses from exhaustion. She assures us that after they leave, everything will be lost and new dangers will appear. Returning their attention to Elfhelm’s massive cherry tree, Guts and crew begin scattering their offerings.

Guts see Griffith coming toward Casca, who is unconscious, and he runs through Zodd to try to kill his former friend again. He comes to a halt, looking bewildered, after realizing he grips Casca in his arms. Elfhelm’s huge cherry tree is almost completely filled with cherry blossoms, and the earth is beginning to split throughout all of Skellig. This separates Guts from Griffith, Casca, and Zodd, who look to be preparing to leave the island with Casca captive. In light of the events in this issue, Berserk Chapter 367 concludes with a victorious shot of the latter three. As with the recap, everyone is interested in the berserk chapter 368 release date.

berserk chapter 368 release date

Berserk Chapter 368 Raw Scan

There were raw scans of Berserk Chapter 368 sent to Twitter. These images depict what looks like an extraterrestrial force launching an assault on Griffith and the Hawk’s Reborn Band. The first image shows what looks to be the Skull Knight saving Isidro and Isma from Elfhelm; Schierke is likely involved as well but is obscured. With Isidro brandishing his Salamander Dagger and Isma wielding a sword, the pair were encircled by foes before the Skull Knight arrived to save them. Another image depicts the Black Swordsman surrounded by what appear to be ghostly flames emerging from the earth in Elfhelm. They could be trying to communicate with the Black Swordsman in hushed tones.

Casca reaches out to Guts in the next scene, appearing weary and dejected as Griffith appears to be dragging her away from Elfhelm. She seems to have reverted to her dissociative state, as seen by her blurry or unconscious demeanor (even though this is possible). The dark, gelatinous blobs mentioned before surrounding Roderick and his team. Crew members who were eaten by the blobs later emerged as fleshless zombie-like entities. If these zombies obeyed Griffith and Zodd’s commands, their presence would be more convincing. After he overcomes Elfhelm and the three blobs in the previous entry, he transforms into the Skull Knight. In this panel, Skull Knight’s accomplishment is depicted by the blobs withering away. berserk chapter 368 release date.

Berserk Chapter 368 Release Date

 Berserk Chapter 368 Release Date is scheduled for Friday, August 12, 2022. After a brief hiatus, the Berserk manga is back, and readers can’t wait.

Where To Read Berserk Chapter 368 Online?

You cannot lawfully access a free online copy of the Berserk manga anywhere. The Berserk manga is available for purchase in print and digital formats. The Berserk manga is translated and published by Dark Horse Comics for an English-speaking audience.


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