Who Is Naomi From ‘Southern Charm’ Dating Details 2022?


Season 8 of Bravo’s ‘Southern Charm’ is going to be one of the most dramatic yet. Naomie Olindo returns in this season, which picks off just where the last one left off. Even though Olindo left the show after Season 6,

she appears to be back in Charleston at this time, leaving fans to speculate if she has rekindled her relationship with the mysterious man.

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To Whom Has Naomie Olindo Recently Committed Her Romantic Attentions?

Even though she’s back in Charleston, it seems like ‘Southern Charm’ actress Naomie Olindo is now single. As shown in the Season 8 teaser, she hooked up with her ex, Craig Conover,

but it appears since though nothing came of it, as Conover is currently seeing Paige DeSorbo. As far as we can tell, Olindo is still available for a serious relationship at this time.

 Naomi’s Relationship With Her Ex, Dr Metul Shah

Shah and Olindo’s relationship became public knowledge in May of this year. They were together for three years total. Olindo told Decider that Shah did not want to be on the show, but he participated out of loyalty to her:

“He wanted nothing to do with it. What’s more, he did it for me, which is quite kind of him. I am sure he didn’t volunteer for it. He, however, dealt with it like a pro “that’s what she said.

How The Pair Split Up Inside

When Olindo and Shah’s relationship was going well, she left the show during Season 7 to relocate to New York City with him. Sadly, news of Shah’s adultery spread quickly, and she was eventually forced to leave. Olindo explained all that took place in an interview with The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast.

Olindo said she was using Shah’s computer to show her pals some pictures of a French restaurant. She tried to ask Shah the password when she couldn’t get in, but he said he didn’t know it. Given that Olindo said Shah used the device daily for three years to study, this appeared odd. When she obtained entry to it, “a previously opened window showed up,” revealing Shah’s infidelity.

I never would have gone looking. She went on to say that the texts and photographs with his ex spanned “like a year” and were “the entire nine yards.” Olindo was unmoved by Shah’s efforts to win her back. Nonetheless, the process was everything from simple. The fact that her late father, Joel, had previously met her future husband, Shah, was something she discussed in an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish. She stated,

“It was the link, like, he had met my dad and he was very, he was there for me when my dad was unwell and that was really significant.” In December of 2019, after a courageous fight against cancer, Joel died away.

His presence was invaluable to my mother. He was present, and he spent a great deal of time chatting with me. However, I now realise that being there for another person is a fundamental human need. This is not something that, no, should be held up as an example of. And I clung to him since my father had assumed we were destined to be together “”she said”

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How Did Naomi Olindo Make A Comeback?

Olindo begged to return to the programme after the breakup, and while she does appear in Season 8 as a “friend of the show,” she does not play a major role in the plot.

A quote from me: “Guys, please. I know I stopped and told everyone to f— off, but please, I’m terribly depressed and I want to come back. Olindo recalled on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast,

“I don’t know what I’m going to do if I’m back in Charleston, and they’re like, ‘All fine.'” Olindo said she quit the programme due of Shah, but that she wanted to return because of the “open doors for so many chances” that the show provided.

Is Naomie Olindo dating anyone right now?

As of today, Naomie is enjoying life as a single lady! Her present relationship status doesn’t imply she hasn’t enjoyed long-lasting partnerships in the past, though. In fact, she was previously linked to celebrity Craig Conover. They met while studying at the College of Charleston.

They didn’t try to develop romantic feelings for one other when they were at school. Their romance didn’t light up until after Craig had already graduated.The relationship between Craig and Naomie, once it began, lasted for around three years.

They eventually called it quits in 2017 after touring the globe together, moving in together, and making loads of memories with each other. Naomie and Craig were open to rekindling the flame that was previously ignited between them, though.

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