Brendon Urie Net Worth: How Rich Is He in 2022? Any New Album


American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Brendon Boyd Urie (born April 12, 1987) is best recognised for his work as Panic! at the Disco’s lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. When he was a senior in high school, his bandmates, who had first considered him for the guitar role, ultimately decided to promote him to lead singer.

Urie has performed in a variety of contexts, including albums, singles, musicals, a film soundtrack, an awards show, and more. He has had a lot of hits; many of his tracks have been certified gold or platinum and sold in the millions. Urie’s impressive vocal range spans four octaves, making him stand out among tenor singers. He began livestreaming on Twitch and also founded a human rights organisation in 2018. In this article we will discuss about brendon urie net worth, career and many more things.

Brendon Urie Early Life

Urie was born in St. George, Utah on April 12, 1987, however he and his family relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada when he was two years old. Grace and Boyd Urie had five kids, and Urie was the fifth and last. Urie’s family was Mormon (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), but he left at the age of 17 because he did not agree with its doctrines. Urie began playing the guitar at a young age and grew up listening to performers like Frank Sinatra, Queen, Tom DeLonge, and David Bowie. He attended Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas and also worked at a smoothie store in order to pay for practise spaces throughout his early music career. Before finishing high school in 2005, Urie met Brent Wilson who urged him to audition for his band, Panic! at the Disco. Urie formally joined the band in 2004.

Brendon Urie Career

When Urie had initially auditioned for the band, he did so as a guitarist but was subsequently promoted lead singer after his comrades heard his amazing vocal range, which covers twice the octaves of an average male singer. Panic! at the Disco began as a cover band for the popular act, Blink-182 but soon began generating original music as well. The four founding members were Urie, Wilson, and boyhood mates Ryan Ross and Spencer Smith. While album sales began poorly, they were assisted by Wentz’s promotion of the band to Fall Out Boy’s following.

Additionally, as the music video for the track “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” was published, the album soared up the charts and was certified platinum by August of 2006. The music video for the single was the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards Video of the Year. The band had begun 2006 has a supporting act for other bands but closed the year headlining their own arena tour. Urie and Ross recorded a tape and emailed it to Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Wentz liked what he heard and drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to see the young band perform. He was impressed with their performance and decided to sign them to his label, Decaydance Records.

Brendon Urie Net Worth
Brendon Urie Net Worth

None of the band’s four members had ever played a live gig before, and three of them were still in high school at the time. After Urie graduated, the four band members relocated to College Park, Maryland to record their debut album, “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out,” which they released in September of 2005. Career play a massive role in Brendon urie net worth as Brendon Urie net worth is collected from his career.

Brendon Urie Personal Life

After initially meeting Sarah Orzechowski at one of Urie’s concerts, the two were reintroduced to one another by Urie’s friend and Paramore bandmate Hayley Williams a few months later. In 2011, the couple said they were engaged and began dating. The couple tied the knot in April of 2013. Before leaving Los Angeles in 2017, the couple had been open about wanting some space from Urie’s legion of supporters. Urie has been upfront about his sexuality, admitting in 2013 that he had dabbled with guys in the past but now identifies as straight.

In 2018, he stated that he was pansexual, adding that while he was very much in love with his wife, he also wasn’t opposed to being attracted to guys. Urie has also been candid about his mental health, as he was diagnosed with ADHD from an early age and takes medication for it. He also has indicated that he suffers synesthesia, a disease that alters his perception of letters, numbers, and other images. He is also a human rights advocate and formed the Highest Hopes Charity in 2018, a foundation that gives support for other non-profits that work in human rights. With his personal life everyone is interested in Brendon urie net worth.

Brendon Urie Net worth

Brendon Urie is an American singer-songwriter and musician who has a net worth of $12 million. Urie is most recognised for being the lead vocalist for the band Panic! At the Disco. He has also appeared on Broadway and is a famous solo artist. He plays guitar, piano, percussion, bass, cello, violin, trumpet, accordion, and organ.

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