Legend Of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal: Premise, Announcement & Expectations


The Mana series was published by Square Enix, a company with a long history in the video game industry. There was only Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden back in 1991. To be played on the GameBoy, that game was originally conceived as a side story to the Final Fantasy series. The game was a smash hit, but it left some players wanting more. Since then, in 1993, Square Enix released Secret of Mana, the game’s sequel.

After that, in 1995, they launched another game called Trials of Mana. Both titles were developed exclusively for the Super Nintendo system. Legend of Mana, a video game now being adapted into an anime, followed these two in 1999. Mana’s continued success led to the creation of other instalments in the series. However, Warner Brothers Japan has announced that they would adapt the Legend of Mana into an anime. Recently, the Mana series turned 30, and this adaptation serves as the series’ grand finale.

Square Enix’s Legend of Mana was a PlayStation 1 action role-playing game (RPG) for those who are unfamiliar. It takes place in a fantastical world and chronicles the exploits of an unidentified hero who sets out to rebuild Fa’Diel. He takes on a number of quests throughout the game in an effort to revive the Tree of Mana.

Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal Premise

Fans of the Legend of Mana franchise may spend a long time speculating on the film’s plot. However, the storyline of the original game is our best bet right now. There’s no harm in going back over the original tale again if it’s going to be heavily referenced in the anime. In case you forgot, the events of Legend of Mana occur in the made-up realm of Fa’Diel. Despite being an action RPG, the game’s early objectives revolve around expanding a preexisting region.

The tone of the game is established, as is the fact that the emphasis is not solely on the action that will be featured. The Mana Tree, which provided the planet with its vital energy and kept it alive, was destroyed by fire 900 years ago. As a result, humans, faeries, and other groups fought over the remaining mana in the land. The player’s mission is to replenish the world’s supply of mana, rather than only guarding the Mana Tree as in previous games. The player rapidly learns, however, that there is a twist to this universe.

That is, he merely uses a small portion of his imagination to create the world. So, the plan to restore the planet is more of a throwback to Fa’diel’s past experiences. This may be a bizarre and nasty method to set up the game. In contrast to the previous three games, in which the Mana Tree was always destroyed at the end, this new idea is far more interesting. The Mana Tree has always fallen because of humanity’s insatiable hunger for the magical energy it provides. Mankind has already failed at this point, and that failure drives the rest of the Legend of Mana.

Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal Announcement

Square Enix revealed that they would be adapting The Legend of Mana into an anime during the series’ 30th anniversary live webcast. They claim that Warner Brothers Japan, Graphinica Inc., and Yokohama Animation Lab. will be responsible for the production of the show. It has been confirmed that “Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal” will be the official name of the upcoming anime. Unfortunately, neither a specific release date for the anime nor any other information was provided. We only know that the same people who made the HD remaster’s cinematic will also be working on the anime.

As a result, we may be able to acquire a feel for the anime’s aesthetics and tone. However, the available evidence is scant. Producer Masaru Oyamada claims that the idea for the animation came up long before the HD remaster was considered. Talks with Warner Brothers Japan centred solely on making an anime based on the game. But after seeing the animated pitch, Oyamada knew he had to redo the game as well. The HD remaster and the anime adaptation both got underway as a result.

Legend Of Mana The Teardrop Crystal
Legend Of Mana The Teardrop Crystal

Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal Expectations

Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal is the official name of the anime’s adaption. Of course, that leaves viewers who haven’t played the game wondering what the anime is about. The Jumi Arc in Legend of Mana is a major inspiration for the series, and aficionados may read subtle references to that story arc in the series. However, some fans have wondered if the anime would also cover the Dragon Arc or the Irwin Arc. There has been no word on the actual premise from Warner Brothers Japan as of this writing. But that doesn’t stop us from speculating, and speculate we will!

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