Are Austen And Olivia Still Dating ?Complete Details 2022


A heart-shaped pizza was featured in the Instagram Stories of both Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers on Valentine’s Day. These days, they seem to be inseparable. It seems that Austen and Olivia, a new cast member for season eight of Southern Charm, have started dating in the short time since their co-star Craig Conover posted a photo of them together on his Instagram Story.

The Queens of Bravo posted photos from Austen and Olivia’s Instagram accounts on February 15 showing them set to chow down on a heart-shaped pizza that came in a yellow box. They didn’t confirm their relationship in any of their posts, but it’s obvious they’re seeing each other.

Are You Curious About the “southern Charm” Star Austen Kroll’s Girlfriend?

Austen has been associated to Lindsay and Ciara, as well as Madison and Chelsea Meissner, on the reality show Casanova. Austen has recently returned to the dating pool but has not yet confirmed his relationship status.There were rumours that Austen was dating actress Olivia Flowers back in February. Similarly, they both posted pictures of heart-shaped pizzas on social media on Valentine’s Day, suggesting that they spent the holiday together.

While neither Olivia nor Austen have officially addressed the rumours, Season 8 of Southern Charm will likely shed light on the potential romance between the two. Everyone wants to know if Austen and Ciara are still together after Summer House, or if they called it quits following his passionate makeout scene with Lindsay.

Olivia has a significant following on Instagram and other social media platforms and is an American actress and model. In addition to her roles in critically acclaimed films like We Follow You (2019) and Chasing Waves (2016), she rose to prominence as a standout of Season 8 of Bravo’s Southern Charm (June 23, 2022). the girl’s full name is Olivia Flowers.

She has a wonderful personality and comes from a distinguished family: her father, Garry Flowers, is retiring as Executive Vice President of Fluor Corporation in 2021, and her mother, Robin Conner Flowers. All the details of Olivia Flowers, such as her husband’s name and background, her wealth, and more, may be found in this article.

Miss Olivia Flowers: A Brief Biography

Although Olivia has never starred in a television series before, she has appeared in a number of movies. MTV’s massive hit show Teen Cribs featured this former model born in 1992. When Olivia Flowers was 17 years old, she appeared on an episode alongside her younger brother, Connor Flowers, in which the two of them talked about their home in Dallas.

The “Southern Belle” was a member of the state champion high school basketball team while she was a student at Westlake Academy. Olivia earned her BS in Sociology and English from Clemson University’s Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business.

Recent rumours have connected Lindsey Hubbard to the author Jane Austen.

Kristin Cavallari and Lindsey Hubbard, both of whom have denied dating Austen and Craig in the past, have recently been linked to Austen. Hubbard just went public with co-star Carl Radke. Southern Charm viewers are well aware of the ups and downs of Austen and Madison LeCroy’s past relationship.

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Madison and Brett, who have been dating for quite some time, just got engaged.

Madison Randle, who is engaged to Brett Randle, told Us Weekly in October that she didn’t think Austen would be interested in her new relationship because of Brett’s previous marriage.Madison has never given this issue much thought, and he doesn’t appear to be bothered by it.

He has no interest in the kind of life I envision for my son and myself. Considering our current circumstances, he may find it hard to understand why I want to get married and start a family. Not convinced that he wants to, I said.

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