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On July 9, 2021, Amazon Prime Video introduced a new lifestyle series called Luxe Listings Sydney, which focuses on real estate investing. Gavin Rubenstein, D’Leanne Lewis, and buyer’s agent Simon Cohen are featured in the six-part series as they compete, negotiate, and bargain in the Sydney real estate market. After the first season’s success, producers greenlit the show for a second season. On April 1, 2022, the season two premiere is scheduled. When the new reality show begins airing on Amazon Prime Video.

After the real estate bubble stretched, grew, and rose all over the highly coveted seaside neighbourhood of Sydney’s eastern suburbs late last year, Luxe Listings Sydney was shot to provide a glamorous look at some of the city’s most costly houses. Homes on the water’s edge and penthouses overlooking the beach, as well as a decommissioned embassy, total hundreds of millions of dollars. Luxe Listings Sydney Season 3.

Luxe Listings Sydney Season 3 Release Date

Luxe Listings Sydney Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video has not yet been confirmed. Taking into account the fact that it usually takes the streaming service a year to announce the return of a given series. SPOTTED: SYDNEY’S FINEST LUXURY LISTINGS The release date for Season 3 could be as late as the year 2023. Due to Season 2’s overwhelming success, Amazon Prime Video may soon reveal Luxe Listings Sydney Season 3 premiere date.

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Luxe Listings Sydney Season 1 Recap

Season one premiered on July 1, 2021, and included Simon Cohen as the selling agent, D’Leanne Lewis and Gavin Rubinstein as the real estate agents, and Oliver Lavers, Shani Asadon, Remi Lindsay, Daniella Jooste, Jarryd Rubinstein, Tammy Soglanich, and Cae Thomas as the assistant realtors. Prime Video AU & NZ renewed Luxe Listings Sydney for a second season just two days after the first season premiered, saying the show had the highest viewership of any Amazon Originals programme to date. All of the present realtors (with the possible exception of Jooste) will return for Season 2, while newcomer Monika Tu will join them as a sales and buying agent. On April 1st, 2022, new episodes will begin airing.

Luxe Listings Sydney Season 2 Cast

Luxe Listings Sydney, Amazon Prime’s next reality TV show, will showcase Australia’s most competitive real estate auctions. Though the three real estate brokers work and live lavishly, they are familiar with the challenges of selling a $10 million property. The three real estate agents will battle it out in each episode to see who is the best at what they do.

Luxe Listings Sydney Season 3
Luxe Listings Sydney Season 3

Simon Cohen, D’Leanne Lewis, Gavin Rubinstein, and Monika Tu were the main group of real estate agents. Some of the regulars are Shani Asadon, Daniella Jooste, Oliver Lavers, Remi Lindsay, Cae Thomas, Tammy Soglanich, and Jarryd Rubinstein. However, it’s seldom as easy as it seems to sell the property, so the road there is lengthy and dramatic. Each of the three is a fierce competitor who will stop at nothing to achieve success.

Luxe Listings Sydney Reviews

The show promises to introduce viewers to the people who buy some of Sydney’s most extravagant properties. Millennials and Gen Zers, prepare yourselves for a new Australian docuseries coming to Amazon Prime in July; it may be the closest we ever get to getting a glimpse inside some of Sydney’s most extravagant mansions. This reality show, titled Luxe Listings Sydney, captures uncut footage of three high-end realtors closing deals worth millions of dollars in some of Sydney’s most affluent communities.

Rubinstein is especially guided by the maxim, “It all comes down to money.” Rubinstein told TheWrap, “I’ve spent a fortune on marketing myself over the years, while the owner of land in Sydney pays for advertising.” A terrific blend of large characters, magnificent properties, and elevated negotiations makes ‘Luxe Listings Sydney’ unlike any other real estate show on the earth, says Erika North, head of Amazon Studios originals in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since the first season of “Luxe Listing Sydney” was well-received by Prime members in Australia and around the world, the company is pleased to be continuing its collaboration with skilled Australian producers by approving a second season. The show’s goal is to highlight the stunning scenery Sydney has to offer while also giving members a sneak peek into the world-class real estate market in the storied city. Luxe Listings Sydney Season 3.

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Where To Watch Luxe Listings Sydney

The Sydney-based artists behind Amazon Prime Video’s Australian Original Luxe Listings have been in the spotlight this issue of Mediaweek. The show, which is about the high-end real estate market in Sydney, is now available to stream in over 200 countries on Amazon Prime.

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