Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2: Cast, Release Date Status, Trailer & Synopsis


Comedians on tour share stories and dish dirt on Katherine Ryan’s Amazon Prime Video series, Backstage With Katherine Ryan. Katherine Ryan’s Prime Video series Backstage With Katherine Ryan will provide an inside look at the shenanigans and juicy tidbits of touring comedians.

Katherine Ryan, a comedian and host, combines her stand-up act with the backstage drama and intrigue of London’s Roundhouse Theatre by inviting a slew of A-list comedians to perform and hang out with her there. Comedy egos will be exposed and secrets will be revealed, so buckle up! In this article we will discuss about Backstage with Katherine Ryan Season 2 cast, release date and amny more.

Backstage With Katherine Ryan Synopsis

The premise of Backstage with Katherine Ryan is that the most entertaining parts of a comedy act take place before, during, and after the curtain has closed. However, in this series, the cameras follow the comedians all the way inside the comedy club’s inner sanctuary, where the show’s cast and crew relax after the curtain has fallen.

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In this setting, the performers relax, the pressure of performing in front of a live audience is removed, and the funniest work can be done. We will get to witness the comedians’ pre- and post-show routines, as well as hear them discuss and evaluate each others’ acts, share anecdotes, and celebrate after the show.

Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2 Cast

The lead actors, and possibly a couple of others, should be present for this. In this production, Katherine Ryan plays herself. As everyone is excited for Backstage with Katherine Ryan Season 2.

Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2 Release Date

The upcoming season will have six episodes. Shortly after their physical release, you may watch them on Amazon Prime. On June 8th, 2023, the first episode will air. New episodes of the TV show come out on Thursdays. Listed below is a table with further scheduling information. Backstage with Katherine Ryan Season 2.

Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2
Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2

Backstage With Katherine Ryan Season 2 Trailer

Backstage with Katherine Ryan Season 2 Check out the online video trailer for the upcoming Amazon Prime Originals episode. A few weeks before the premiere, an official trailer will be released online.

Backstage With Katherine Ryan Guests

Backstage With Katherine Ryan witnesses the comic bringing in A-list comedians to perform and hang out with her in the dressing room at London’s Roundhouse venue. Also, cameras are literally embedded in every surface, documenting every last bit of anxiety, nervousness, preparedness, and camaraderie as well as every every bit of conflict.

In the premiere, Seann Walsh discusses the Strictly incident he was involved in. Later in the series, comedians like Sue Perkins, Rob Beckett, Tom Allen, Judi Love, Sara Pascoe, Michelle de Swarte (The Baby), and Sarah Millican are welcomed onto the unedited and unscripted show. Backstage with Katherine Ryan Season 2.

Katherine Reveals More On Backstage With Katherine Ryan

As of late, Katherine Ryan has been filling us in on this Prime Video show. Katherine says, “I’ve always wanted that more people could get to know comedians as I do.” “There will be no trivial conversation between us. All puffery and no action! When it comes to comics, we get some of the best. We hold one another in high esteem. In equal parts, I’m terrified and thrilled.” Backstage with Katherine Ryan Season 2.

Backstage With Katherine Ryan Review

The appeal of Backstage With Katherine Ryan (Amazon Prime Video) is premised on the idea that viewers would get a glimpse at the real people behind their favourite comedians’ stage personas. Cameras follow four comedians as they deliver sets in the prestigious London Roundhouse’s dressing rooms, hallways, and wings.

We will be able to view each set and the reactions of compere Ryan and the others waiting to go on, and thereby gain insight into the miracles of the job and the real people behind the performances. There is some truth to this. In the pilot, which features US comic Desiree Burch and British actor Nick Mohammed (Nate in Ted Lasso), it becomes apparent that Carr is kinder than his on-stage persona, a genuinely witty man who creates one-liners as naturally as breathing; Walsh exudes a desperate neediness; Mohammed is self-effacing sweetness personified; and Burch is the one you want to go out on the town with.

To their credit, the first group gets along well. In the second episode, two characters talk on the phone (Judi Love and Ivo Graham) while the other two practise their lines in their rooms (Sara Pascoe and Frankie Boyle). All of the comedians in the room are aware that cameras are watching them, so they never really let loose in the way that one might expect comedians to when they are in a group setting without any restrictions.

As the performers get ready, Ryan and writer Geoff Norcott have cringeworthy spitball conversations to come up with gags for the introductions of each act. Do you think it would be effective to say anything like, “Jimmy seems like he would sex traffic a girl then ask her for gas money”? How about “Desiree Burch, a Black American, has a shorter life expectancy than a peach”? Any hint of how they do it (do they just sit there and tell each other jokes that are already written?

It would be fascinating to observe either the likelihood of this happening or the attrition rate (how many people actually make it to the stage?). Unfortunately, their sections are too contrived to reveal if they care if a joke is punching down (as in the peach joke), across (as in the other — directed clearly at Carr, rather than victims), or up.

The host, Ryan, visits each of the dressing rooms to conduct impromptu interviews, delving deepest into Walsh’s 2018 tabloid incident, in which he was photographed passionately kissing his Strictly Come Dancing partner. His appearance on the show, along with that of Carr and Boyle (who have also been criticised for jokes), lends it a slightly redemptive feel. With its promise of a look behind the scenes and its careful balancing of people of all races and genders, the show gives the impression that it is attempting to clean up the comedy industry’s less savoury areas.

As Walsh narrates the near breakdown caused by the encounter, Ryan’s jokey support (she would wonder what was wrong with her husband if he didn’t rape his wildly hot dance partner) further adds to this. Walsh’s ex-girlfriend made allegations of “controlling” behaviour on his part and wrote a book about it called Why Did You Stay?, which will be out in a few weeks.

There are additional hard situations that the show avoids. When a comedian is performing, there are often reaction shots, but only the positive ones, such as Burch’s body-positive activist reaction to Carr’s fat jokes, make the final edit. However, in the second episode, Norcott pitches jokes based only on his opinion of Pascoe’s looks, and Love, Pascoe, and Ryan address the sexism and predators they have faced on the circuit.

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With more of it, you might have an engaging and substantial programme. Without it, the show is merely a comedic act with a shadow one operating in the wings. In spite of its humour and occasional insights, the film ultimately feels like a wasted opportunity.

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