Parker Coppins Net Worth: Early Life, Career & Personal Life


TV host, actor, and internet sensation Parker Coppins is known for his role as host of the hit show “Parker Plays.” First, he shot to fame as a YouTube star. In 2013, he launched a gaming-focused YouTube channel and quickly gained a large following. Then he took his natural talent to the silver screen and became a huge hit as the host of Disney XD’s “Parker Plays.” His Instagram account has over 85,000 followers, while his Twitter account has over 130,000. In this article we will discuss about parker coppins net worth, career and many more.

Parker Coppins Early Life

Parker Coppins entered the world on March 12, 1995, in Harlingen, Texas. Parker claims that he attended “Calvary Christian School” while growing up in “hot and humid” south Texas. Mark and Darla Coppins brought him up as their own son. When he was younger, he looked up to Dr. Leibert, a local doctor, and considered him a role model. It was through his encouragement of Parker’s interest in acting and the performing arts that Parker first got involved.

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Thereafter, he enrolled in Harlingen High School. In 2013, he started his channel and began posting videos about video games. He quickly gained followers because he could improve the quality of mediocre material. Slowly but surely, Parker amassed a large following and became a viral sensation on the internet.

Parker Coppins Career

Prior to starting his YouTube channel, Parker had already made a couple of appearances in short films, so he was comfortable in front of the camera. Parker had a small role in the 2011 short film “Flirting and Dating for Dummies” after portraying Kyle Duncan in the video “Born Bad.”

A year later, in 2013, he was in yet another short film, this one titled “Penny Arcade.” In the same year, he began his career in social media by uploading videos to YouTube. The role of Paul Wilson in the 2014 crime horror mystery The Black Tape was his big break. Parker made her first appearance in a feature film with the release of this film in November of 2015. As his career flourished, he expanded into other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. His YouTube channel was also progressing positively, with an ever-increasing number of subscribers.

The YouTube channel run by Parker is one of the most popular in the United States, with over 85 million views and over 480,000 subscribers. Under his stage name, ParkerGames, he was cast in an episode of the hit TV show “Adventure Room” in 2016. He was offered a hosting gig on a Disney XD show called “Parker Plays” in 2017. His rise to fame as a result of his starring role in a TV show helped him amass a sizable following on various social media platforms. In 2017, he appeared in an episode of the TV movie “Sugar Pine 7.” In 2017, he was in 64 episodes, and his run continues into 2018. The following year, he landed a role on the TV show Lifestyle Classic. On this time of time parker coppins net worth begin As career play a massive role in parker coppins net worth.

Parker Coppins Net Worth
Parker Coppins Net Worth

Peter Coppins Personal Life

Parker uprooted to the Los Angeles area in 2015. Every once in a while he goes back to see his folks in his hometown. His dad preaches, while mom is an insurance agent for the Salazar family business. Caitlin and Ashley, his older sisters, are his older siblings. Some of his Instagram posts have included his mother and sisters. Camdyn, Ashley’s daughter, is his niece, and he is very close to her. He has parlayed his enthusiasm for video games into a full-time career. He and Shelby, a popular internet personality, are close pals. Indeed, he has highlighted her in a few of his social media posts, including on Twitter and Instagram.

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Parker Coppins Net Worth

How much do you think Parker Coppins net worth? Just how much does He make, exactly? Wages and possessions frequently shift as time goes on. Here, we include the debates as well. Parker Coppins has a net worth of $2 million. To sum up, we have covered Parker Coppins’s entire life history, including his ages, heights, weights, and weights. There’s no doubt about who this person is after reading all this info. Please let us know via the comments section if you have discovered any errors. We appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback.

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