Nier: Automata’s Secret Door Revealed: Demo Of Fan Mod Tools


Players have searched the game’s several interconnected levels for hidden secrets ever since NieR: Automata, a well-known name in the action role-playing game genre, was released. The “last secret” of the game, which Twitter user Lance McDonald eventually uncovered, was alluded to by game director Yoko Taro.

The official Japanese NieR Twitter account confirmed this. Fans of the game were in disarray after Reddit user u/sadfutago recently discovered what may have been a “hidden door” in the game, since no one could confirm the user’s discoveries. Many players began to doubt the player’s and the clip’s readability. They assumed the hidden entrance and the adjacent “church area” were mods.

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It turns out that the chapel section and secret door were mods after all, despite several people disagreeing with the user’s claim that it wasn’t a mod due to the region’s complexity and its surrounds in NieR: Automata.

In NieR: Automata’s Copied City level,  A secret Door And A Church Are Revealed To Be Modifications.

Fans of NieR were in disarray after u/sadfutago teased the existence of the secret door on Reddit. Many people questioned the veracity of the videos that showed the user stumbling upon the entrance while wandering through the Copied City. The door leads to a church that contains a distinct and unusual cutscene.

Many gamers theorized that the solution was in a piece of excised content that was not included in the finished game. In contrast, others thought it was a sophisticated prank perpetrated by the user. Yoko Taro directly addressed the incident when he posted a cryptic tweet about the discovery.

Nier Automata's Secret Door Revealed
Nier Automata’s Secret Door Revealed

The secret entrance in Copied City was created by a group of NieR: Automata modders, who disclosed it during a recent unique Twitch stream. This work effectively served as a way to display the game’s updated modification tools. Additionally, the mod developer pledged to make the mod files available so fans can finally see the rumored secret region.

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This ends the complex secret door and church part of the game that caused such a stir in the neighborhood. Given NieR: Automata’s high caliber, thought-provoking story, and action-packed gameplay, it’s always a good thing that the situation that raised so many questions about the game’s infinite line of secrets also catapulted it back into the spotlight.

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