Trino Marin Net Worth, Biography And More About His Case

Trino Marin, Trino Marin is the ex-husband of Jenni Rivera (known as Dolores Saavedra for public eyes). On February 15, 1964, Jose Trinidad was born. His star sign is Aquarius, and he was born in the United States. American singer and composer Jenni Rivera was Jenni Rivera’s ex-wife.

Jenni was also a passionate actor, philanthropist, businesswoman, and public figure. On the other hand, Jenni was well-known for her television production work, unlike Jose Trinidad. trino marin.

Jose Marin Biography

Jose Trinidad Marin’s birth name is Trino Marin. He was born on February 15th, 1964, in California, USA. Trino, as his full name knows him, is a well-known character. As a result of his mixed background, Jose also hails from a Christian family.

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Jose Trinidad was almost unknown to the general public before his marriage to Jenni Rivera (his ex-wife). Acting, songwriting, and vocal abilities have made Jenni a household figure in the entertainment industry. After dating for a while, the pair decided to keep their personal lives private. Because of this, there’s a lack of information about the pair on the internet. Jenni Rivera was a freshman in high school when Jose Trinidad met her for the first time. trino marin.

Trino Marin worked as an administrator at a Mexican-American café before he met Jenni Rivera. The only source of income for Jose Trinidad Marin was his professional career. Aside from the fact that he was born in Mexico, Jose possesses a dual American-Mexican nationality. Trino was born in Mexico and reared there by his parents before moving to the United States permanently. He has not yet decided when he will go to the United States.

Jose Marin Physical Appearance

Jose Trinidad is currently 57 years old. He stands at the height of about 5 feet, 10 inches. Trinidad, the ex-husband of a well-known celebrity, needs to keep a certain level of physical beauty. His weight is estimated to be 67 kilograms.

Jose Marin Relationship

Interviews with Trino reveal how young Jenni Rivera was when he first fell in love with her. When Dolores (Jenni) was just 20 years old, Jose Marin Trinidad proposed to her and they married a few months later in 1984. His first child, Jenni, was born when he was 17 years old. Even though Rivera was in her senior year of high school, she became a mother for the first time.

There are three children in the family. In 1992, their marriage ended. Jose abused Jenni, his sister-in-law, and her children. Jose Marin Trinidad’s new wife has not been revealed in any new information or photos. In Riverside County, he began a new chapter in his life with a new partner.

Trino Marin
Trino Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Professional Career

The first time Jose and Jenni started dating, he was unemployed. Marin worked a variety of odd jobs in order to meet Rivera’s requirements. As a 22-year-old administrative manager in an American-Mexican café, Jose started making a decent salary. trino marin.

Trino urged his wife to return to school rather than stay home and study. On the other hand, Rivera was content and wanted to spend more time with her family and house. After that, the debate became a major one.

Three Children Of Jose Marin & Jenni Rivera

When Jenni was only a senior in high school, she gave birth to their first child. It was June 26, 1985, when both ex-lovers became parents to their first kid. Chiquis Rivera was the name given to her first child by her parents. After becoming a mother while still in high school, Jenni could finish her studies on schedule.

They announced the arrival of their second daughter, Jacqueline, after a few years with their first kid (born on November 20, 1989). After Rivera’s third pregnancy was disclosed in September 1991. He’s Trino’s eldest son, Michael. Immediately following their divorce, they were both embroiled in a bitter custody battle. As a result of the court’s ruling, Rivera now has custody of the children.

What Is The Net Worth Of Trinidad Marin?

Based on our information, Jose Marin is believed to be in possession of between $600,000 and $800,000. Trino lost his job as a manager. According to his remarks, someone developed a rumor about his sexual interactions with his coworkers. This turned out to be untrue following further questioning, though. One of Jose’s employees was also assaulted by him. trino marin.

The Dispute In Jose Trinidad Family

With Jenni’s younger sister crossing his lines, Jose has a reputation as a celebrity’s spouse. The younger Rivera sister admitted to Jose Marin’s maltreatment and assault in 1997. Jenni’s sister said in a statement that he tormented his older daughter Chiquis in addition to sexually assaulting her. Trino had abused his children, Jaqueline and Chiquis, as the physical assessment results revealed.

Trial Of Jenni Rivera Ex-Husband Jose Trinidad

The actress and Trino fought for a year in court until the jury found Jose guilty. Marin was sentenced to 31 years in jail following his trial. And it’s abundantly clear that good behaviour will not be rewarded with an early discharge. trino marin.

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Trino’s entire family attended the courthouse for the hearing (including all his children). While Chiquis was growing up, her father, Jose, was abusive to her. In the hearing, she made it apparent that she had forgiven her father and still loved him. He might think I’m wearing a disguise because of that. However, he’ll always be my father, no matter how much time passes.

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