Mini Lobster Season 2022: What You Need To Know? 2022

Mini Lobster Season 2022: Lobsters are known for their long, muscular tails and dwelling on the sea floor. Claws cover one pair of each leg, the first pair being noticeably more prominent than the other three pairs. Lobsters are a highly sought-after delicacy and a valuable commodity in the coastal areas where they live.

More typical lobsters, including Homarus and Scampi, are significant economically in the northern Atlantic Ocean, whereas shrimp-like Scampi are found in the north-south region. Scroll down for more details about Mini Lobster Season 2022.

Mini Lobster Season 2022 July 27 – 28

Mini Lobster Season 2022 begins August 6 as a prelude to the significant lobster season. What exactly is it about this? Recreational anglers can capture spiny lobsters before commercial boats during this two-day yearly event. This year’s “mini lobster” season begins on July 27 and ends on July 28.

Not everyone can get their hands on as many little lobsters as they want. There are various rules and regulations on and off the sea. Become informed of Monroe County’s laws and restrictions to take advantage of the county’s short Mini Lobster Season 2022.

Key West Lobsterfest 2022  August 11 – 14

You may commemorate the spiny lobster season with a lobster boil in Key West, Florida, during the Lobsterfest. The 25th annual Key West Lobster Festival is taking place this weekend to celebrate Key West’s most famous crustaceans.

These events include lobster boils, brunches, beer crawls on Duval Street, street fairs, and live music, all a part of the summer’s finest celebration.

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The historic Porter Mansion, 429 Caroline Street, hosts its annual lobster boil. There’s a fantastic seafood buffet, from fresh lobster and large shrimp to andouille sausage. With establishments like Schooner Wharf and Smokin’ Tuna Saloon taking part, the annual Duval Street Pub Crawl will be held on August 12 this year.

You may raise money for the Key West High School Scholarship Fund by participating in the pub crawl, even though it doesn’t involve lobsters. An official 25th annual Lobsterfest t-shirt and bottle opener with a lanyard is included as a bonus.

Florida Lobster Season 2022 August 6 – March 31

Tourists from other cities might delight since the lobster season lasts for an entire year. At this time of year, a trip to Key West is a must if you want to see fisherman offloading their fresh spiny lobster catches from the historic harbor. On top of that, you may enjoy the delectable crustacean directly off your plate.

The tail meat of a spiny lobster is significantly superior to the claw meat of a northern spiny lobster in terms of flavor. In meals, the spiny lobster’s taste is an excellent alternative for Maine lobster since it has a crab legs-like flavor. Here are some of the best lobster restaurants in Key West.

Catching Florida Spiny Lobsters

Do you want to give lobster fishing a try? Check with Florida Fish & Wildlife first for any dates or rules that may apply to your trip (FWC). There are several ways to “tickle” a lobster out of its shell. A tickling stick, a net, and a ruler may all be used to verify the size of your lobster.

Mini Lobster Season 2022
Mini Lobster Season 2022

You can gently lead a lobster out of its hiding place using a tickle stick, a three-foot-long rod with an angled tip. If you want to catch lobsters, position your net behind them as soon as they come out of the water.

You can hire spiny lobster fishing charters on the island if you prefer. How eager are you to find out what the future holds? In the Florida Keys, you can catch lobster without scuba gear by following Salt Strong’s advice.

Who Serves the Best Lobster in Key West?

Prepare a plate and bib if you’d like to eat some lobster at some point in the future. Because of the seasonality of spiny lobster, it cannot be found year-round like its counterpart, Maine lobster, which is always available.

In addition to the many delectable Maine lobster dishes available, you can also get lobster benedict at Blue Heaven, lobster mac n’ cheese at The Flaming Buoy Filet Company, lobster rolls with key lime juice at DJ’s Clam Shack, a lobster salad sandwich at the Blind Pig Food Truck or lobster thermidor and lobster Oscar at A&B Lobster House.

Surf and turf with fillet and spiny lobster can be found at Blue Heaven, Conch Republic Seafood Company, and The Stone Crab (to try their tender, whole Florida lobster filled with a sauteed seafood stuffing).

If you’re looking for more local recommendations, see our list of the best Key West lobster restaurants. Here, you can learn how to cook and eat Florida spiny lobster.

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