WWE 2K23 Release Date for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One 2022

WWE 2K23 Release Date for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One 2022: WrestleMania 2K23 is on the way. Isn’t it? Rumors have even surfaced that EA is interested in working together. If it’s coming, WWE 2K23’s first trailer might arrive as soon as Summerslam, the annual WWE event.

For now, we’ve gathered all the information we have on WWE 2K23’s release date, roster, and early fan wishlist in case that happens.

Will There Even Be a WWE 2k23?

The most important one of them all. WrestleMania 22 improved over WWE 2K20 in terms of gameplay, visuals, and a significant overhaul of the roster. GR gave it 3.5 stars, and further updates have made it even better. There have been reports that WWE may have discreetly ended their relationship with 2K, with 2K22 being the series’ swansong.

Wrestling magazine Fightful revealed in March that WWE had conducted discussions with EA. No mention of 2K23 was made on the company’s May earnings call, with new CEO Stephanie McMahon complimenting the latest release. Having taken nearly a year off to develop the game engine, “we worked hand in glove with our partners at Take-Two Interactive.

Listened to our consumers and supporters and gained back their confidence,” she added. A financial and critical triumph, WWE 2K22 has the highest Metacritic score on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms in series history.

Who Are The WWE 2K23 Characters?

New blood is abundant. Visual Concepts did an excellent job with the WWE 2K22 DLC, bringing in a slew of fresh talent that had just recently made their way to Raw or Smackdown. All four of these wrestlers will appear in WWE 2K23 as long as the organization still employs them before the end of the year.

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Code Rhodes, signed by WWE as their most significant signing of the year, will also be there, along with other NXT stars who have made their mark. Bron Breaker, the son of Rick Steiner, and Mandy Rose’s tag team Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are expected to lead this bunch.

Which Wrestlers Will Be Cut From WWE 2k23?

We will wave farewell to several beloved characters with this year’s submission. Twelve wrestlers in WWE 2K22 have since joined the rival AEW organization; they will be removed from the series. They include:

  • Ariya Daivari (M, 70)
  • Cesaro (M, 84)
  • Isaiah Scott (M, 80)
  • Jake Roberts (M, 85)
  • Jeff Hardy (M, 85)
  • Keith Lee (M, 80)
  • Kyle O’Reilly (M, 81)
  • Murphy (M, 77)
  • Samoa Joe (M, 86)
  • William Regal (M, 85)
  • Ember Moon (F, 81)
  • Toni Storm (F, 80)

Around 50 WWE 2K22 wrestlers are no longer employed by the promotion. Brawn Strowman and Mickie James are unlikely to appear on WWE 2K23’s roster, along with Lana Del Rey, Nia Jax, Tyler Breeze, and Fandango.

What Will Be the WWE 2k23 Release Date?

In the past, the annual pre-Christmas event of WWE sim games has been a tradition. That all changed after WWE 2K20’s terrible reviews and the cancellation of WWE 2K21. Before WrestleMania, WWE 2K22 was released in a new window for the next game. It’s reasonable to assume that WWE 2K23 will do the same.

WWE 2K23 Release Date
WWE 2K23 Release Date

Three weeks before WrestleMania 38, the release date of WWE 2K22 was planned for Friday, March 11. In this case, you may anticipate WWE 2K23 on Friday, March 10, 2023, three weekends before WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles.

Where Can I See the First WWE 2k23 Trailer?

Even though WWE 2K22 was introduced during WrestleMania 37, the series had been on hiatus for 18 months. It’s increasingly probable that WWE 2K23 will be shown during Summerslam in August after a second teaser was shown at the event.

In what way? This year’s Summerslam will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, on Saturday, July 30. We’ll post the trailer as soon as it’s available. It may not arrive until August or September, maybe to coincide with Gamescom, which takes place August 24-28. Alternatively, it may be released in the fall.

What’s on the WWE 2k23 Features Wishlist?

Several significant proposals for WWE 2K23 may be found on the fantastic independent fan site Operation Sports. Luke Skywalker wants rosters that can be shared. For example, a WCW 1996 roster might be created by a fan and downloaded in one go.

“A wrestler is fired from the business or brought in, bring in fresh generated players in an existing Season mode,” he says of GM Mode, where he’d want the most excellent adjustments. I don’t anticipate the team’s roster remaining the same for the next three years. Some of the wrestlers on the roster aren’t even working for WWE. “

As SmashMan points out, the custom intro music is a popular request from fans, but it’s likely impossible due to technological constraints. We had bespoke music on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but it disappeared on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” he says in his blog post.

Fire Pro Wrestling and MLB The Show are the only games I know that allow custom soundtracks. However, none of those titles is available on Xbox One, and MLB The Show has been omitted from the PS5 version since it went multiplatform.

Xbox does not support it in the same manner that Sony does/do. Hence it is left off to make the experience identical across platforms.”

A Reddit user called wildcharmander1992 wants the Royal Rumble to be revamped. “I just want the AI to get better,” he continues. It’s nice that we can add buddies and opponents to superstars, but I think this could have a more significant influence.” Assume Triple H and Randy Orton appear in your game’s version of Evolution.

They’re pals; thus, unless they’re the only two in the ring, they shouldn’t be fighting one another in the Royal Rumble… An RNG might be used to determine whether or not a teammate is saved or killed if they are at risk of being eliminated. You want to increase the level of immersion in such segments.

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