Nier: Automata’s Secret Church Revealed: Fans Stunned Over Secret Revelation


Nier: Automata has dominated discussions in the video game industry for more than a week. Not because of declarations from authorities or anything of the sort, but rather because of a puzzling portion that suddenly appeared.

Nier Automata's Secret Church Revealed
Nier Automata’s Secret Church Revealed

In the five years after Nier: Automata’s debut, no one had ever seen the region where the church was allegedly located. However, Reddit user sadfutago claimed to have discovered it in a post last month. Others attempted the same processes but were unsuccessful in entering the level, which led to wild speculation about what was going on.

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Over time, sadfutago published a number of videos demonstrating their veracity. It expanded into a large narrative. Some assumed it to be a sophisticated practical joke, while others felt publisher Square Enix came up with some crazy viral marketing scheme. The entire church secret was a modding endeavor from three brilliant fans, sadfutago revealed via a Twitch Livestream on Friday.

“I’m grateful. No editing was done to anything we’ve shared; it was all done in-game, according to a post-Livestream slide. “We have been enjoying all the debates and theories; the journey has been incredible. The community’s reunification after so many years has been encouraging, and it has made all the effort worthwhile.

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Hats off to scripting tools guru RaiderB, map designer DevolasRevenge, and Blender tool creator Woeful Wolf. As you could anticipate, the neighborhood is raging. Some of the best responses to this amazing ride are included below.

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