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Slow burn appears to have paid off for The Outsider. The HBO adaptation of Stephen King’s works has consistently been excellent. Nobody can deny that the nine episodes leading up to the finale had their share of heart-pounding action.

A dramatic shift will take place over the final hour. A story as careful and well-crafted as “Must/Can’t” deserves a stunning, dynamic finish. In the ultimate confrontation, Ralph Anderson, Holly Gibney, and the rest of their comrades square off against the infamous El Coco. Now, let’s take a closer look at what actually occurred. the outsider ending explained.

Who Died In The Outsiders Ending Finale?

Who survived The Outsider’s conclusion, rather than asking “who did die?” This season’s finale begins with a massacre at the hands of Jack Hoskins, who is under the control of El Coco (Marc Menchaca). Jack uses a high-powered sniper rifle to take out Ralph’s men.

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His drink of choice throughout the tournament is Jack Daniels, which helps him relax and put a lid on his emotions, but unfortunately, he’s still an excellent shooter. This past week, Alec Pelley (Jeremy Bobb) was the first victim (here is your reminder that violence against Alecs is never ok).

Seale Bolton (Max Beesley), Claude’s brother, is the first to die this week. Seale is shot in the groin by a sniper. A brave attempt to save his buddies is made by Andy Katcavage (Derek Cecil), Holly’s lover. It’s really bad that Jack’s able to take him out. In an attempt to save Andy, the Maitland family attorney Howard Salomon (Bill Camp) shoots a bullet into the gas tank of the van, which explodes and kills Howard. the outsiders ending explained.

Confronting El Coco

Though, and this is a big but, El Coco, the evil entity that it is, remains a mystery to our characters. No of what Yunis or Claude may think, Ralph and Holly, continue on inside Bear Cave. In the 1940s, a cave-in killed many of El Coco’s relatives, so he chose Bear Cave as his new home.

El Coco thrives on the agony of people it is snatching their identity from. When Ralph and Holly finally meet the monster, El Coco explains that he doesn’t know much more about himself than what he’s already shown to them. Holly has a lot of questions for El Coco, who appears to be in the mood to converse.

El Coco’s difficulty is that he can’t answer questions as simple as “What are you?” Inquiringly, “Where do you hail from? As well as, “Are there more of you?” Of course, El Coco could be pulling tricks on us, but his lack of knowledge seems genuine. the outsiders ending explained.

A post-episode piece by The Outsider showrunner Richard Price also confirms that El Coco has no idea who or where he comes from. Just a wicked force that understands what he wants: to eat the flesh of newborns. This is all he does. the outsiders ending explained.

So…Can El Coco Die?

It’s safe to say that Claude, Ralph, and Holly survive the cave-in and get to El Coco’s body. Claude’s shot appears to have killed him. Ralph sees something that causes him to rethink his decision to leave the cave. Ralph sees Derek’s expressionless, colorless specter once again, precisely as he did when this all began. the outsiders ending explained.

The Outsiders Ending Explained
The Outsiders Ending Explained

Exonerating Terry Maitland

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Outsider finale is the way it turns one of the series’ most important concepts on its head. In this program, logical minds have been struggling to accept the irrational. While El Coco and Jack Hoskins were doing their own thing, Ralph Anderson was arguing with himself in his own thoughts, which was completely out of our view. the outsiders ending explained.

The Outsider Name Explained

When a story in its last act exposes the meaning behind its title, it’s usually cheesy, but in The Outsider’s case, this is extremely effective. After all, is said and done, Ralph and Holly bid their goodbyes and put the case to rest. the outsiders ending explained.

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Post-Credits Scene

When you’re ready to close your HBO Now browser or switch the channel, The Outsider surprises you with a post-credits scene you didn’t see coming. A fleeting glimpse of Jack Hoskins can be seen behind Holly in the mirror, but he swiftly vanishes. This brings back memories of Holly’s trip from Dayton to Georgia when she had a similar experience on the bus back. the outsiders ending explained.

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