JetBlue and Spirit Airlines to Merge in $3.8 Million Deal 2022

If antitrust officials approve the merger, JetBlue Airways would purchase Spirit Airlines for $3.8 billion, making it the fifth-largest airline in the country. One day after Spirit Airlines’ effort to combine with rival low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines failed, an agreement was reached on Thursday that brought to an end a months-long bidding war.

Ted Christie, the CEO of Spirit, is himself in the embarrassing position of having to explain a sale to JetBlue after aggressively opposing it and claiming that antitrust regulators would never let it.

On CNBC, Christie stated that “a lot has been said over the previous several months clearly, always with our stakeholders in mind.” We’ve been talking to JetBlue employees, and they have a lot of interesting ideas about how to go with it.

A bigger JetBlue would increase competition for the four airlines — American, United, Delta, and Southwest — that account for nearly 80% of the U.S. market, according to JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes.

Spirit’s shares, which are located in Miramar, Florida, increased 3.5 percent at the opening bell on Thursday to reach $25.15, which is still less than what JetBlue is charging. Shares of JetBlue remained practically unchanged.

Fares Will Likely Go Up After the Deal

When airlines are ranked according to the frequency of customer complaints, Spirit Airlines frequently comes in last or very near to last. However, some proponents of consumer rights worry that fares would increase if it goes away.

opponents with the same spirit Although they put on additional surcharges that can drive up the cost of traveling, Frontier and Allegiant offer incredibly low rates that attract to the most frugal leisure travelers.

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The low-cost structure of Spirit will go, according to William McGee of the anti-merger American Economic Liberties Project. “There is no doubt that prices will increase after Spirit is merged (into JetBlue).” Others assert that Frontier will expand and fill any void left by Spirit in the low-cost airline industry because it has a sizable number of planes on order.

If approved, the Deal is Expected to Close in the First Half of 2024

Until the transaction is authorized by authorities and Spirit shareholders, JetBlue and Spirit will continue to run separately, with their reward programs and customer accounts. The firms stated that they want to consummate the acquisition and complete the regulatory procedure no later than the first half of 2024.

In that case, Hayes would serve as the airline’s CEO, and its headquarters would be in JetBlue’s home city of New York. There would be 458 aircraft in its fleet.

JetBlue and Spirit Airlines to Merge in $3.8 MIllion Deal 2022
JetBlue and Spirit Airlines to Merge in $3.8 Million Deal 2022

JetBlue said on Thursday that it will purchase Spirit for $33.50 per share in cash, as well as a $2.50 per share prepayment that would become due after Spirit investors approved the deal. Additionally, a ticking fee of 10 cents per share will be charged beginning in January 2023 until close to make up for any regulatory clearance delays for Spirit shareholders.

JetBlue will pay Spirit a reverse break-up fee of $70 million and compensate Spirit stockholders $400 million, less any sums paid to the shareholders before termination, if the merger cannot conclude owing to antitrust concerns.

The merger between Spirit and Frontier was first announced in February, and Spirit’s board continued to support it even when JetBlue made a more lucrative bid in April. However, the board of Spirit never succeeded in getting the airline’s stockholders to agree.

After being delayed four times, the vote on the merger was abruptly halted on Wednesday when Spirit and Frontier announced they were ending their contract, which made a Spirit-JetBlue merger probable.

JetBlue estimates that when the purchase is finished, it will save between $600 million and $700 million annually. Based on 2019 estimates, the merged company’s annual revenue is predicted to be over $11.9 billion.

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