Can You Die From Monkeypox? Is This Disease Dangerous? 2022

Can You Die From Monkeypox? Is This Disease Dangerous? 2022 People’s worries about the monkeypox virus are legitimate given that the disease has been reported to be spreading globally. In 68 nations that have never before recorded an epidemic of monkeypox, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and numerous European nations, more than 18,000 cases of the disease have been identified.

The virus was deemed a worldwide health emergency on July 23 by the World Health Organization (WHO). David Wohl, MD, an infectious diseases expert with UNC Health, predicts that the COVID-19 pandemic would be even more widespread and destructive than monkeypox. Monkeypox and COVID-19 are substantially different.

It is far less hazardous and more difficult to catch. It’s still crucial to understand monkeypox and how to prevent it, just like with COVID-19. Continue reading for answers to any questions you may have regarding monkeypox like Can You Die From Monkeypox? Is This Disease Dangerous? 2022

What is monkeypox?

The virus that causes monkeypox often results in skin lesions, but it can also occasionally cause more severe symptoms such as high fevers, headaches, eye infections, and lung infections. Monkeypox, despite its name, is not spread by monkeys; rather, it was given that name in 1958 following a viral epidemic in a facility that used monkeys.

Later research revealed that the virus, which belongs to the same family as smallpox, is carried by rats in several regions of central and western Africa. Thousands of cases of monkeypox have been documented throughout central and western Africa since the first human case of the disease was observed in 1970.

Travel to central or western Africa or the importation of animals from there has both been connected to the majority of instances in other regions of the world. In 2003, 47 cases were found in six Midwestern states, marking the only previous big outbreak to hit the country.

All 47 of them claimed to have interacted with prairie dogs kept as pets. Due to their proximity to imported tiny rodents from West Africa, the prairie dogs had contracted the disease.

How Contagious is Monkeypox?

Compared to viruses that cause the flu or COVID-19, the monkeypox virus is significantly more difficult to disseminate. Most cases of monkeypox are contracted by contact with an infected person’s lesions, contaminated clothing, or bedding.

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Only a few feet may be covered by respiratory droplets carrying the monkeypox virus, therefore prolonged face-to-face contact is necessary for infection. Intimate contact, particularly sexual contact, has been the primary cause of the majority of infections in the current worldwide pandemic.

What Are the Symptoms of Monkeypox?

The symptoms of monkeypox are comparable to smallpox symptoms, however, they are far less severe. The primary symptom is skin lesions, which can appear as a crater-like ulcers or as a lump on the skin filled with fluid.

These can appear anywhere on the body, including the genitalia, and can appear as a single lesion or as several lesions on various body areas. They frequently itch or ache. Rectal lesions that are painful have frequently been observed during the present outbreak.

Can You Die From Moneypox Is This Disease Dangerous 2022
Can You Die From Moneypox Is This Disease Dangerous 2022

Before they see any lesions, some monkeypox sufferers may first feel fever, headache, muscular pains, exhaustion, or enlarged lymph nodes. However, some people could merely get a skin lesion and not experience any of those. Lesions from monkeypox might also resemble those from syphilis or herpes simplex.

The most crucial thing, according to Dr. Wohl, is to consult a doctor if you see an odd new skin lesion or ulcer, particularly if you are susceptible to contracting monkeypox. Usually, the disease lasts between two and four weeks. From infection to symptoms, the incubation period typically lasts one to two weeks. A skin lesion can be swabbed to do a test for monkeypox.

What is the Treatment for Monkeypox?

Since monkeypox belongs to the same family as smallpox, diagnostic procedures and vaccinations are currently available in the medical community, according to Dr. Wohl. Monkeypox medications and vaccinations are kept in stock at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and personnel is trying to deliver them to states as needed.

TPOXX (tecovirimat), an antiviral drug that was authorized for the treatment of smallpox, has also demonstrated efficacy in the management of monkeypox. However, the majority of persons with monkeypox do not require this medication because they often fully recover without it.

However, therapy may be advantageous for those who have painful lesions or lesions in the mouth or eyes. People who are pregnant, have compromised immune systems, or have a history of certain skin diseases like eczema that might be made worse by monkeypox may potentially be candidates for TPOXX.

Because of their weakened immune systems, children may develop sicker from monkeypox than adults. TPOXX can be used on children. Children were frequently immunized against smallpox before 1972, creating a distinctive circular scar on their arms. According to Dr. Wohl, it’s uncertain if those who had the vaccine so long ago are entirely immune to monkeypox (or smallpox).

In 2022, Who is Most Likely to Develop Monkeypox?

According to Dr. Wohl, anybody can contract monkeypox if they have a direct touch with an infected person’s lesions, contaminated clothing, or bedding. Males who have had intercourse with other guys have been most frequently affected by the 2022 outbreak, and most of these men are between the ages of 25 and 50.

According to Dr. Wohl, this virus is now spreading through networks of guys who have intercourse with other men, but it affects everyone’s public health. “We must cooperate to limit the infection’s spread in the places already affected and to stop it from spreading to additional communities down the road.”

How Do I Avoid Getting Monkeypox?

People who have several sex partners are more likely to get the monkeypox virus since it is now mostly distributed through sexual activity. Although the danger of sexual transmission may be decreased by the use of condoms, the virus can still spread via sores on other body areas.

Given that there are still few occurrences of monkeypox, this does not necessarily indicate that kissing and snuggling are to be avoided with new or casual partners, he claims. However, individuals need to be aware of the local infection rates.

Is There a Vaccine to Prevent Monkeypox?

JYNNEOS, a monkeypox vaccine, is being made available. It was created for smallpox but has been discovered to also give protection against monkeypox. Men who have sex with men or transgender people who have had multiple or anonymous sex partners within the last three months.

As well as those who have a sexually transmitted infection or are taking medication to prevent HIV, are those who are most at risk for infection right now and are qualified to receive the vaccine. The vaccination should also be given to healthcare personnel who collect samples for testing and those who handle them in laboratories.

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