Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 Jacket Sells For $2.8 Million


Tuesday’s record-breaking sale of astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin’s Apollo 11 jacket revealed an extraordinary bid. An unnamed bidder paid a stunning $2,772,500 for the spacesuit that Buzz Aldrin wore when he traveled to the moon with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and others in 1969.

The enormous bid came in at about a million dollars more than the auction house had predicted it would fetch. The jacket was a part of Sotheby’s “Buzz Aldrin: American Icon” collection, a highlight of Sotheby’s Geek Week. The collection featured historical objects donated directly by Aldrin, who meticulously conserved relics from his well-known space missions, including Gemini XII and Apollo 11.

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The infamous broken circuit breaker that almost cost the lives of the Apollo 11 crew, mission records, and the infamous “Go Army, Beat Navy” banner Aldrin carried on his Gemini XII spacewalk was also included in the astronomically priced space suit. Flight plans for the Apollo 11 mission went for $819,000, while Aldrin parted with his Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction, which he received in 1969, for $277,200.

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According to Sotheby’s, a MIRAImageTM NFT, a special digital identifier that is connected to the object’s identifying “DNA,” was presented with a selection of 10 lots in the storied sale of space objects. The Apollo 11 jacket was the most expensive American space-flew relic ever sold at auction after the record bidding, which lasted almost ten minutes, according to Sotheby’s.

Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 Jacket Sells For $2.8 Million
Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 Jacket Sells For $2.8 Million

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