Love Is Blind Season 3: Release Date, Cast & Many More

There will be a third season of Love Is Blind on Netflix in 2022, so get ready to say “I do” before then. In addition to being one of Netflix’s best series, Love Is Blind is also one of the most bizarre dating shows on television. Audio-connected pods allow couples to meet up virtually rather than physically.

Only if they get married will they be able to meet in person. Before moving in together, they travel on a honeymoon to see each other’s families and friends. Each couple must then make a final decision on their wedding day: “I do” or “I don’t.” Season 2 didn’t disappoint those who waited two years for it. There was a lot of commotion and a lot of tea spilt. Love Is Blind was the hottest topic on social media for a few weeks. And the demand for more is already high. Love Is Blind Season 3

Love Is Blind Season 3 Release Date Window

Love Is Blind season 3’s premiere date has yet to be revealed by Netflix, but we do know it’s coming soon. The second and third seasons were ordered by the streamer back in March of that year. The epidemic, on the other hand, threw a spanner in the works. It won’t be until the spring of 2021 before production on season 2 gets underway.

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Love Is Blind Season 3 has already begun filming. Vanessa Lacey, the show’s co-host, told E! News in September of last year: “We shot season 3 already.” According to Chris Coelen, the show’s creator, this is true in Love Is Blind Season 3.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Location And Cast

Season 1 of Love Is Blind was shot on location in Atlanta, Georgia, with locals. Season 2 featured Chicago-based artists, despite the fact that the pod segment was filmed in the Golden State. Season 3’s cast will be made up of Dallas natives, according to Netflix. It’s a major metropolis with a diversified population of people from all over the world.

Love Is Blind Season 3
Love Is Blind Season 3

The lack of diversity in the cast in terms of body types and nationalities in Season 2 drew some criticism. Both Season 1 and Season 2, we really sought to have a varied participant pool in every sense of the word—whether it’s experience or body type or race or whatever,” Coelen said in an interview with the LA Times, referring to both seasons of the show. Love Is Blind Season 3

This is not a case of “Let’s stack the deck,” as some have suggested. No, we invited anyone and everyone to join us in this setting, and everyone was given an equal chance to succeed. None of it is under our direction or control. We just set up the mechanism and help move them around, depending on who they want to spend time with.”

Love Is Blind Season 3 Format

Although Love Is Blind has remained the same in its first two seasons, it is possible that things will be different in season 3. According to Coelen, “every season is completely unique.” in Metro. It’s clear that Season 3 is distinct from either Season 1 or Season 2 in many ways.

A total of thirty-five males and thirty-five females have taken part in the format so far. In the pods, they have blind speed dating. Their options are narrowed over time as they flirt and get to know each other They can meet face to face if someone proposes and the other person accepts.

A romantic beach resort is a popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Even while they’re continuing to grow closer, they also spend time with other couples. A furnished apartment awaits them when they return to their hometown when the honeymoon is over.

Love Is Blind Season 4 And Spinoffs

Love Is Blind season 4 hasn’t been picked up by Netflix yet, but it seems promising. The show’s first two seasons were huge hits. Variety said that Coelen said regarding a fourth film, “I suppose so..”. In my opinion, season 20 is in the works. Love Is Blind: Japan and Love Is Blind: Brazil have both been added to the Love Is Blind family.

Creators Vanessa and Nick Lachey are also working on a new series called The Ultimatum, which will premiere in 2017. Post-reunion, an official trailer for the third season of The Walking Dead went live. Six couples are on the verge of being married in The Ultimatum, but one of them isn’t quite ready to say “I do.”

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Everyone will get to choose one of the five other couples to live with for three weeks before moving on. Ultimately, the original partners must decide if they want to go through with the marriage or not. Peaky Blinders season 6 Netflix release date has been figured out, and Netflix has confirmed the Russian Doll season 2 release date as well. See also why our streaming editor thinks he’d cancel Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu this month.

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