Lyme Disease Battle: I Was Afraid I Was Gonna Fall Off The Stage


On stage, Shania Twain disclosed that she endured “blackouts” and “dizzy” spells before discovering she had Lyme illness. The country music icon, who was bitten by a tick in 2003 while horseback riding, described her symptoms as “very alarming” in her new Netflix documentary.

In “Not Just a Girl,” she admitted, “I was on stage really dizzy before I was diagnosed.” “I was wobbling and worried I was going to tumble off the stage.” “I was getting these very, very, very brief blackouts,” she said, “but they were happening every minute or every thirty seconds.” Twain’s chronic sickness not only affected her capacity to perform, but she also acquired dysphonia, which temporarily took away her voice.

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She remembered, “My voice was never the same again.” “I believed I had permanently lost my voice. I believed it was it and that I would never sing again. In 2019, she admitted to Extra, “I had to have a really difficult procedure; it was an open-throat procedure, which is extremely different from a vocal chord procedure. I had to have two of them, so that was very, really, really difficult.

I made it through it, at least mentally, and now I’m just ready to carry on. The country singer discovered that her husband of 15 years, Robert “Mutt” Lange, was having an affair with her friend and personal assistant, Marie-Anne Thiébaud, while she was facing her health issues. “I was going through a divorce at the time, and I was trying to figure out what was creating this loss of control with my voice and this change in my voice.

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The “You’re Still the One” singer stated in the documentary that her husband left her for another woman. She added that she was at “a whole other low” and “didn’t see any value in continuing with a music career.” The five-time Grammy winner was able to rediscover love and her voice thanks to an odd sequence of events. Frédéric Thiébaud, Marie-ex-husband, Anne and Mark Twain grew closer in 2010 as a result of their shared suffering. Their relationship immediately became amorous, and a year later, they were wed.

Lyme Disease Battle
Lyme Disease Battle

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