Cracow Monsters Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Many More

Netflix isn’t happy with merely scaring English-speaking viewers; it’s also exploring horror on a global scale. And now, following in the footsteps of shows like France’s Marianne and South Korea’s Hellbound, Poland’s new show Cracow Monsters, AKA Krakowskie pottery, is here to frighten us all once more.

Two Polish writers have joined forces to produce a new young adult series about the monster-infested underground of Cracow… This story centers around a troubled young woman who is soon drawn into the demon-fighting industry when a weird professor comes into her life. Cracow Monsters Season 2 Release date and many more.

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Release Date

There is no word yet about the second season of Cracow Monsters but we expect a second season to arrive on Netflix around midway through 2023. There is no guarantee that the monsters involved in this show will be destroyed and banished to TV limbo if nothing is heard by July of this year. Cracow Monsters Season 2.

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Cracow Monsters Season 2 Cast

Most of the key ensemble would likely return for season two of Cracow Monsters if Netflix again sheds a light on this underworld. So, that contains the following items:

In the person of Andrzej Chrya (Professor Zawadzki)

  • Barbara Liberek is the author of this article (Alex)
  •  Anna Paliga • Anna Paliga (Iliana)
  • Kandace Springs, Colorado (Hania)
  • In memoriam Stanislaw Cywka (Birdy)
  • In the case of Maja Chan (Basia)
  • At least one of the following people: (Lucky)
  • Mateusz Górski (Antoni)
  • Daniel Namiotko (Gigi)
  • Malgorzata (Aitwar)

All of your favorite Slavic mythological monsters will be there as well as some new faces.

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Plot

Cracow Monsters has been building toward a battle between realms all season, and Alex is doing everything she can to avert it. The professor’s crew is forced to resort to desperate methods as a red moon appears in the sky, signaling the end of the world.

Alex defeats Hvor, fulfilling her mother’s prophecy, after a series of epic twists and turns. However, as a deity points out towards the end of the season, this will have consequences for season two.

So why bother messing with the divine? After all, there’s always a price to pay. Considering what happened to him earlier in the season, it’s a bit of a surprise to learn that Lucky is still alive. We should expect an explanation in future episodes, along with some new monster nightmares culled from Slavic folklore.

Cracow Monsters Season 2
Cracow Monsters Season 2

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Trailer

New footage won’t be available until early 2023, which means we’ll have to put our monster hunting plans on hold. Assuming if Cracow Monsters is indeed renewed for a second season.

What Should Fans Expect From Next Installment

The series is based on Slavic legends, which have been around for over 600 years. After being taunted by her classmates and a professor for months on end because she isn’t proud of her history, Alex chooses to join the fight against a paranormal activity with a group of bright kids.

As soon as she understands that the group’s scientific research front is just a front, she’ll be in for even more shocks. In an instant, Alex finds himself in a strange new realm full of ancient Slavic mythology, ancient monsters, and wicked deities. Since we haven’t yet seen the first season’s premiere, it’s difficult to predict what will happen in the second season.

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Who Will Be Returning In Season 2

The cast for the second season has yet to be announced, although it is safe to assume that the most, if not the entire, of the first cast will return to reprise their roles. New cast members could potentially be introduced in the future season. Alex is almost certainly going to return with the rest of her paranormal-fighting squad. Along with Andrzej and Malgorzata Bela and Kaja Chan and others, she portrays Barbara Liberek, Professor Zawadzki, Kaja Chan and others.

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