Roominate Net Worth: What Happened To Roominate After Shark Tank

Maykah Inc., the firm formed by Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen, released Roominate in 2012 as a construction set. Designed for girls ages 6–10, the product features interlocking plastic construction blocks that can be used to make models and circuits that can be wired.

The startup received an investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner on the sixth season of Shark Tank, after it was originally funded through Kickstarter. PlayMonster, a toy maker, purchased Roominate in 2016. How did Roominate get such a great deal from two of the most seasoned sharks in the tank, and how have they gone on to achieve an estimated Roominate net worth of over $15 million today with Roominate?

Roominate Entrepreneurs

Maykah Inc. was originally founded by Brooks and Chen to manufacture their own brand of toys. At Stanford University, they both had master’s degrees in engineering, and they struck up a friendship.

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During their appearance on the show, Bettina and Alice demonstrated one of their model house-building toys, which had electronics that powered an electric fan. It didn’t take long for the sharks to fall in love, but not everyone was eager to join in. In response to Mark Cuban’s offer of $500,000 for 5% of Roominate, Lori jumped on board, claiming that she could help the company sell more products. roominate net worth

Roominate Investment

With Cuban’s investment, Alice and Bettina were able to enter 800 physical and online retailers, according to a 2015 Shark Tank report on Roominate. Since Cuban’s involvement, they’ve seen an increase in sales of $4.5 million. Patch Products is said to have purchased Roominate in 2016. these sales brought a huge change in Roominate net worth.

PlayMonster was subsequently renamed Patch Products. PlayMonster is a toy company with a slew of different brands and products. Roominate items are still available online, and the company’s goal remains the same: to inspire a new generation of young women to pursue a career in engineering.

Roominate Net Worth
Roominate Net Worth

Roominate Net Worth

If Cuban and Greiner contributed $500,000 for a 5-percent stock position, then Business 2 Community estimates that Roominate net worth is $10 million. However, no one knows exactly how much money Roominate has. At the time, his daughters, Alexis and Alyssa, were 10 and 7, respectively.

Cuban made the offer with one stipulation: they must be able to spend time with Brooks and Chen. As he explained to the two, “You know, I try to place them in a position where they have strong role models.” In spite of all the material goods I possess, that is one thing I cannot purchase. this all is Roominate net worth.

Roominate Acquired Price

It is unknown how much Roominate was purchased by Patch Products, a toy company, in 2016. At the time, Brooks stated in a press statement that “Patch’s entrepreneurial attitude and innovative culture is exactly what we were seeking to help expand Roominate.

” For Patch, it’s a big deal, and we look forward to collaborating with the team at Patch in order to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers. Even PlayMonster reflected the enthusiasm of Patch Products.

At the time, CEO Bob Wann commented, “We are honored and excited to take on an idea that gets girls enthused about engineering through play.” According to their LinkedIn profiles, Brooks is currently a principal at Khosla Ventures, while Chen describes herself as an engineering program manager at Apple.

What Happened To Roominate After Shark Tank

Roominate, a range of building toys for females, will be featured in the season 6 premiere of Shark Tank. In an effort to inspire more young women to pursue careers in STEM fields, they developed Roominate (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

A pair of Stanford mechanical engineering grads are looking forward to the day when Barbie dolls and dress-up kits are no longer a part of children’s lives. A little saw her father gave Alice as a child inspired her to make a Barbie doll. He had given it to her because she asked it! Bettina was a fan of Lego building. roominate net worth.

Although these women aren’t sure if their childhood toys played a role in their decision to become engineers, they’ve set an example for other young women with Roominate. Using a dollhouse generator, girls may create a completely functional house that includes working lights, fans, and elevators.

Alice and Bettina discovered in their market research that instructional toys are more frequently targeted at male consumers. In 2013, Roominate won numerous awards, including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, the Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award, the Dr. Toy 100 Best Toy Award, and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award for its innovative design and innovative use. For distribution and production for huge box retailers, it’s likely that the Roominate women are seeking a Shark to aid in their endeavors.

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Is Roominate Still In Business

Roominate was purchased by PlayMonster in December 2015 following its appearance on Shark Tank. Worked along with PlayMonster to make Roominate toys better. Under her guidance, Roominate has developed and flourished, and she appreciates being a part of its growth.

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