American Pickers Controversy: Scandal You Didn’t Know About


‘American Pickers,’ the History Channel’s hit reality show, has enthralled television audiences for more than a decade. Since Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby made their TV debuts in 2010, countless objects have been discovered, and they continue to unearth long-lost family relics even today.

Even if they have to go through a stranger’s garage for buried treasure, they almost always come up with something valuable, whether it’s ancient cars or vintage weapons. Aside from them, there are others who take pleasure in searching through old documents and artifacts.

Many of the goods that appear to be “found” on the show are actually premeditated and set up by producers, according to viewers who have done their own research. After Fritz was abruptly terminated, there was some controversy surrounding their relationship, which is currently being played out in Season 22, between Fritz and Wolfe.

The Sun reported last month that Fritz said in a statement, “We were never pals in grade school.” “He hasn’t said five kind words to me in ten years, you know? Unless, of course, he was chopping down someone else while we laughed.”

Some fans have also publicly claimed that they will not watch any more episodes until Fritz is back. It’s a lot of drama for a show about antiques, it seems. Some viewers may not be aware of the show’s one blemish: an incident that may have resulted in jail time for one of the actors. In this article, we will discuss American pickers controversy.

How Danielle Colby Got Into Hot Water With The IRS

While “American Pickers” stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz may be the ones most often seen rummaging through other people’s belongings, they are only one-third of the team. A huge thank you goes to Danielle Colby, the group’s shopkeeper who helps them sell whatever they come across.

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It’s no secret that Danielle Colby isn’t the type of person who worries about what other people think. She’s tattooed from head to toe and even worked as a burlesque dancer at one point. She’s adored by admirers since she’s a true original.american pickers controversy

To be on the safe side, don’t rile up the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). According to Radar Online, Colby received an IRS warning in 2013 stating that she owed over $6,000 in back taxes. If she hasn’t paid any of this money back, it’s likely that the sum has increased to a much bigger number.

American Pickers Controversy
American Pickers Controversy

As a result of her work on “American Pickers,” Colby is now claimed to be worth an estimated $1.5 million. At least four notices from the federal government have apparently been sent to the reality star’s “4 Miles 2 Memphis” burlesque store. It’s claimed that Radar received documents implying that Colby never submitted any tax returns. For December 2013 sales, she received a notice of lien in June of this year for $5,936 in projected retail taxes. american pickers controversy.

American Pickers Controversy

According to the fact that Colby isn’t now in federal prison, it’s a good guess that she paid her taxes. In light of Frank Fritz’s resignation from the show, some fans may be concerned about Colby’s future on “American Pickers.” Fortunately, there won’t be any more goodbyes to say for the foreseeable future. american pickers controversy.

“American Pickers” co-star Mike Wolfe is still working with Colby on the show. The two of them were photographed together on August 2, 2021, and she praised his character in a post on Instagram at the time. She penned, “Thank you for the previous decade of support for myself and other cast members.

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@mikewolfeamericanpicker For the past 12 years, I have been proud of how you have behaved yourself, and I look forward to many more years of traveling the world with you in it.” She then goes on to speak about the Frank Fritz incident, although she doesn’t provide many specifics. American pickers controversy.

She only thinks good thoughts about her ex-co-star. The extent to which she’s made it known that she and Mike Wolfe are still friendly has been impressive. “I enjoy getting to spend time with @mikewolfeamericanpicker,” she wrote on Instagram after posting a picture of the two of them together on August 2. Wolfe seemed to be on her side, and if she could just get along with the IRS, she’d be set.

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