Bobby Lee and Khalila Kun Breakup Made Fans Shed Tears 2022

In a recent podcast episode, TigerBelly hosts Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn broke the news that they are no longer together. Their romance and breakup were discussed openly on July 7’s show. After learning of the couple’s breakup, longtime fans flocked to Twitter to express their shock and grief.

Who Is Bobby Lee?

Robert Lee Jr. is a comedian, actor, and podcaster from the United States. While on MADtv from 2001 to 2009, Lee featured opposite Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson as part of the ABC single-camera comedy Splitting Up Together.

Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn Have Broken Up

One hour and 31 minutes was the running time of TigerBelly’s July episode. Bobby reported that he and Khalyla had broken up after 1 hour and 5 minutes of the show. He remarked, “I simply wanted to notify everyone that Khalyla and I are no longer together.

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This is the love of my life, my best friend, and even the one who “reinvented who I was.” Bobby referred to Khalyla as “the love of my life.” When Kayla brushed away her tears, the presenter continued, “The reason we’re announcing it is that there are things that people think online that aren’t real.”

Tigerbelly Host Recounts Relationship Struggles

Bobby shared a personal story about his and Khalyla’s relationship, revealing that their bond was tested when Khalyla was diagnosed with a heart issue. Hosts indicated that the relationship between them had altered and that he had started to take care of her.

After Khalyla’s illness, he also disclosed that the couple had intimacy troubles. According to the presenter, this has been going on for a long period.

Bobby Lee and Khalyla Break Up
Bobby Lee and Khalyla Break Up

As a way to recapture some of the enchantment we had lost, Mom would organize getaways.” The host recalls a period when they were in Hawaii and were able to do so. Although it appeared hopeful at times, “a lot of it was my fault.” He also admitted that Khalyla’s requirements were not being met.

It occurred to me that you might want to consider seeing someone else, so I put out a recommendation.” Bobby concluded the conversation by declaring, “I am never going to see anybody else in my life.” His announcement that TigerBelly would continue to be hosted by him and Khalyla has also been made.

Teary Reactions From Tigerbelly Hosts’ Audiences

When Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn broke up, fans were devastated. Many people responded to the news by using sobbing emoticons. Just hearing that Bobby Lee and Khalyla are no longer in a relationship broke my heart to pieces.”

Someone chimed on using the hashtag “#sadface. According to another admirer, Bobby Lee and Khalyla’s split is “very heartbreaking” and “has me in tears right now.” Another bereaved listener said, “I guess I’ll be listening to the new Tigerbelly episode on the way home and sobbing cuz Bobby Lee and Khalyla split.”

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