Princess Diana Net Worth: How Rich She Was At The Time Of Her Death?


Princess Diana is a legendary British Princess who won the heart of millions of citizens around the world. She might have died early but Princess Diana’s net worth was in millions at the time of her death. The philanthropist was born to the rich and wealthy Spencer family but her fame came after she started dating Prince Charles of Wales.

Princess Diana net worth was nothing to her as she only wanted to seek the love and blessings of people all over the world. It may have been decades since Princess Diana died but Princess Diana’s net worth, her lifestyle, her sense of fashion and everything related to her is still very much trending.

Princess Diana Early Life

Diana Spencer blessed the lives of the Spencer family in 1961. Her delivery was in the Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk England. Princess Diana net worth was established just on the day she was born. Aristocracy and fortune were running in her bloodline. She was the loving daughter of Viscount Althorp, John Spencer and Honorable Frances Roche.

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Princess Diana’s net worth along with her title got promoted in 1975 when her beloved father was honored with the title of Earl Spencer. Lady Diana was a gifted child. She always had an interest in studying and gathering more knowledge. Thus, she attended the Institute Alpin Videmanette located in Switzerland and then relocated to London to actively help people by being a nursery assistant.

Princess Diana Net Worth
Princess Diana Net Worth

Princess Diana Marriage To Prince Charles & Her Philanthropic Work

Princess Diana’s courtship with her husband, Prince Charles commenced in the 1980s. They were spotted together in a polo event and soon after year, in February 1981, she was proposed for marriage. Diana quit her work to settle in the Clarence House before finally moving to the prestigious Buckingham Palace. Questions about Princess Diana’s net worth were all over the media as she was going to be a part of the royal family.

Diana was only 20 years old when she married Prince Charles on 29th July 1981. The couple honeymooned throughout different parts of the world such as Egypt, Greece and even Tunisia. In November 1981, she declared her pregnancy to the world. The heir to the crown and Princess Diana net worth was born on 21st June 1982. He was named Prince William Arthur Philip Louis. Just after two years, Prince Henry Charles Albert Davis was born. 

Since Princess Diana’s net worth and connections were powerful, she closely worked with organizations dealing with leprosy, and AIDs and was involved with over 100 different charities. But all wasn’t happy and loving as her relationship with Prince Charles was on the verge of ending.

Princess Diana Divorce

On 28th August 1996, the royal couple, Prince Charles and Princess Diana finalized their divorce. There were lots of rumors about fights as well as infidelity. Princess Diana net worth was instantly raised as she got $24 million as divorce settlement fees.

Princess Diana Relationships

Diana’s love life took off after she divorced Prince Charles. Soon Charles was dating Camilla Parker Bowles and Diana started a relationship with Major James Hewitt. Even after her divorce and Princess Diana’s net worth, she was living in Kensington Palace. There she had a romance with Hasnat Khan who was a surgeon. But the most public relationship was with Dodi Fayed. They seemed so much in love with each other. 

Princess Diana Death

It was one of the darkest days in the history of the world. On 31st August 1997, Lady Diana was reportedly killed after having a severe car accident in Paris’ Pont de l’Alma tunnel. It was just a year after her divorce and Diana was inside Fayed’s car when the tragic death happened. Fayed and his driver, Henri Paul were also dead on spot.

Princess Diana net worth and her children were left behind. To take a deeper look into the matter, a French investigation was arranged. It was concluded that Henri Paul was heavily drunk during the car crash. They were trying to escape from the radar of the paparazzi who used to keep on following her.

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Sadly, on 6th September 1997, Lady Diana was put to rest. Legend Elton John gave a heartfelt performance and sang “Candle in the Wind” during the memorial of the late princess. Even TIME Magazine honored her as one of the “Most Important People of the 20th Century”. She was also third in the BBC poll of the 100 Greatest Britons in 2002.

Princess Diana Net Worth At The Time Of Her Death

Princess Diana’s net worth was $25 million when she lost her life. She has safely kept her assets for her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. As per the trust, it was stated that each of her sons will receive a share of Princess Diana net worth when they turn 30. So, at the time when they were 30, each son got $40 million which was the result of keeping Princess Diana’s net worth safely for so long. 

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