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Aderson Cooper is the son of a famous mom, Gloria Vanderbilt. He is an anchor at CNN and always wishes to keep his relationship status private. However, the public often has questions about his marriage, sexuality, children, and much more stuff. Despite keeping his love life private, he talks about co-parenting his young son, Wyatt.

He kept the name in the memory of his father. At a very early age, he disclosed to his mom about being gay. Here is everything you need to know about Anderson Cooper husband. A large portion of Anderson Cooper’s life was in the spotlight, still, he notoriously keeps his privacy maintained when asked about his romantic life. However, in 2012, he announced publically, that he is gay.

Anderson Cooper Husband And Marriage

Anderson Cooper was in a relationship with a French businessman, Benjamin Maisani, for about a decade. However,  he did not got the opportunity to be Anderson Cooper husband as they broke up in 2018 but still chose to be in each other’s lives. On 10th February 2022, Anderson Cooper and Maisani announced that they are having a second baby together named Sebastian Luke-Maisani-Cooper.

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He announced the news before his opening on Thursday night CNN segment. He stated that he want to start the show with good news, which was more personal news. His first child, Wyatt, is now not alone as he is going to have a brother, he added. He named him Sebastian and wanted us to meet him. 

Anderson Cooper Husband
Anderson Cooper Husband

Wyatt Emory Cooper was welcomed to their family in 2020 through surrogacy. In an interview, he mentioned besides Anderson Cooper’s husband Maisani being his ex now, he is more of a family. They love each other as a family, and they will love to continue their family.

He realizes it is a usual set-up but knows that Anderson Cooper husband Maisani will be an extremely good dad. Cooper also mentioned the experience of growing up in a single-parent house. Therefore, he wants to give a different experience to his child.

Anderson Cooper Current Date

Anderson Cooper has always been private about his personal life. However, after splitting from Maisani, he was rumored to be with Dallas Doctor Victor Lopez, but Cooper never admitted their relationship. He was also in rumors of being with Andy Cohen, a Bravo host, but they both mentioned that they are just good friends. According to Cooper, Cohen’s son give his clothes to his son Wyatt. 

Currently, we can mention that Anderson Cooper husband place is still vacant.

Anderson Cooper Current Status

On 31st December, Anderson Cooper and Cohen co-hosted New Year’s Eve Live on CNN. They entered in 2022 live from Times Square, celebrating their fifth year of togetherness. The celebration was then continued by Don Lemon, Alisyn Camerota, and Dulce Sloan in New Orleans as the Central Time Zone rang in New York.

Previously, he also promoted his book named Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty. Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, was a fashion designer. She married Wyatt Cooper, a writer, who died during heart surgery. At the time of his father’s death, Cooper was ten years old. Gloria passed out in 2019, after which he found some personal letters from his grandmother, mother, and aunt. Those letters helped him a lot to bring the voices of them to come alive again.

Anderson Cooper Second Child

Anderson Cooper husband place has not been assigned yet, but he has found a co-parenting partner. After Wyatt, Anderson announced the existence of a second child with Maisani via surrogacy. Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper, their second child, weighed 6.8 pounds at birth.

In front of the public during her opening on CNN, Cooper told that Sebastian is a healthy and happy baby. For Cooper, even his occasional hiccups are cute and adorable. He describes him as just sleeping and eating and poops certainly, but he believes him to be a wise and thoughtful baby. The children will be raised by Anderson Cooper husband Maisani and him together. 

They are co-parents where Anderson is called Daddy, and Benjamin is called Papa by Wyatt. Anderson Cooper husband Maisani is conducting a process to adopt Wyatt, after which his surname will change to Maisani-Cooper. Wyatt helped them to put Sebastian’s crib together and calls the baby by his middle name, Luke.

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He also thanked the surrogate to bring Sebastian into this world. He also mentioned the sacrifice that the surrogate and her family gave after giving so much love and care to Sebastian was extraordinary. Cooper and Maisani will never forget the kindness that the family showered. 

Anderson Cooper also paid a tribute to his late parents, Gloria Vanderbilt and Wyatt Cooper, and his elder brother, Carter, who died at the early age of 23 in 1988. Cooper has felt their watch over them for the past 22 months and has felt their showered love for Sebastian. He feels the long-gone family in a new family that he created. 

He thanked viewers and wished them love and laughter, good thoughts, and happy days. However, Anderson Cooper’s husband has not commented on his feelings for a second baby yet. 

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