Gloria Vanderbilt Son: Anderson Cooper, Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, Christopher & Carter Vanderbilt Cooper


Gloria Vanderbilt was famous for many titles like heiress, painter, writer, designer, actress, fashion model, and philanthropist. However, she also got the title mom that outshines the most. Most people will agree with it, which also includes all moms worldwide. 

Gloria Vanderbilt’s sons are four in number, which include Anderson Cooper, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, Christopher Stokowski, and Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski. She died at the age of 95. 

Anderson Cooper, Gloria Vanderbilt son, is the most famed son as he is a journalist at CNN. He was the one who portrayed a documentary on the resemblance between him and his mother in The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Loss, and Love. The book was promoted by both mother and son together in many interviews.

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However, those interviews also gave us a closure look at Gloria Vanderbilt as a mother. She opened herself up in those interviews and expressed her feelings about losing a child and learning the truth that her son Anderson Cooper is gay. 

Gloria Vanderbilt’s son, named Carter, had done suicide at the age of 23. No mother ever wants to survive more than her children, but Gloria Vanderbilt has eyewitnessed Carter’s dive from the 14th floor of her apartment in New York. The incident took place in 1988, according to the reports delivered by The New York Times.

Gloria Vanderbilt Son
Gloria Vanderbilt Son

Carter was a patient with depression and was undergoing treatment and medications. In an interview with USA Today, Gloria Vanderbilt remembered the loss of her child. She mentioned that she loves to talk about Carter as he brings him alive again in her memories. She added that people say about bringing closure, but according to her, there will never be closure. 

Gloria Vanderbilt son, Anderson Cooper’s sexuality, was also a topic for the interview at that time. When Anderson was in college, he came up to his mother and said the truth that he grew up surrounded by his gay friends.

Gloria also told that she was afraid when people claimed and accused her bisexual mother of being a lesbian. At those initial times, it was a crime, a sin, for being a lesbian or gay. She thought that she might also carry the inherited genes. However, she had no idea about what it was at that age. 

Gloria Vanderbilt also added that she wished for being a lesbian as she trusts women and believes that men are more mysterious. Meanwhile, Gloria Vanderbilt’s son replied that men are not so mysterious. She also mentioned in the interview that she stays in love always. If not a person, then a flower or sunset as love is everything you need.

Gloria Vanderbilt Son, Anderson Cooper

Gloria Vanderbilt son Anderson Cooper is the youngest of all sons and was born in 1967. He went to Dalton School in New York City for studies and started studying political science at Yale University. When his elder brother Carter committed suicide, he was in college.

His father also died ten years earlier during heart surgery. These incidents motivated him to join journalism. In an interview, he mentioned that he is curious to know about survival and wanted to look for the answers to why some people survive and some don’t. He is a reporter at CNN now.

Gloria Vanderbilt Son, Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski

Gloria Vanderbilt son, Stan was born in 1950 and he is the oldest son of Gloria. His father was the first husband of Gloria, Leopold Stokowski. He was said to remain close with his mother and had been spotted with her at public events. Emily Goldstein is his wife, and they have two daughters together, Abra and Aurora. He has many landscaping businesses in many areas of New York City and New England.

Gloria Vanderbil son, Christopher Stokowski

Gloria Vanderbilt son, Christopher is the younger brother of Leopold. He has maintained a distance from Vanderbilt for a long time, due to which we know quite less about him. He keeps his life private from the public too.

He cut himself from his family in 1978 and became a monk. According to the reports, his relationship with his fiancee April Sandmeyer was affected due to an incident that happened with Christ Zois, Vanderbilt’s therapist. Vanderbilt and Anderson released a documentary in 2016 named Nothing Left Unsaid that largely talked about Christopher.

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Gloria Vanderbilt Son, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper

Gloria Vanderbilt son, Carter was born in 1965 and he is the elder brother of Anderson. His father was the second husband of Gloria, Wyatt Emory Cooper. According to a statement mentioned by Gloria Vanderbilt’s son, Anderson, Carter felt things too deeply and was interested in military history and politics. In 1987, Carter accomplished his graduation from Princeton and started working for American Heritage, a history magazine.

However, on 22nd July 1988, he died at the age of 23. He jumped from the terrace of a 14-floor apartment. Gloria Vanderbilt was there at the terrace and was requesting his son to stay away from the edge. However, he jumped, and this was the fact she was afraid of for decades. 

According to an HBO documentary, Nothing Left Unsaid, Gloria thought that the worst thing that ever happened to her was her custody case at the age of nine between her aunt and her young mother. But the worst thing turned out to be losing a child at a very young age, even before her death. She also released a book named A Mother’s Story that describes the day when the incident took place. However, she loves to talk about him.

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