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How does Gunsmoke look without Miss Kitty? The answer to this question was given when Season 20 of the show was telecasted on television. Amanda Blake left the Western drama series after Season 19.

Miss Kitty was an integral part of the show. Her chemistry with Matt Dillon was phenomenal and made the audience a big fan of her. Most of the episodes of the show revolved around her sassy character, who was the owner of Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City. She contributed to almost 500 episodes which made her quite famous.

Amanda Blake is the one who played the role of Miss Kitty in the show Gunsmoke. It was a long-running television show at that time. She died on 16th August 1929. According to the sources, previously, it was reported that Amanda Blake cause of death was cancer. However, she died because of AIDS, which was cleared by her doctor afterward. Here is everything you need to know about Amanda Blake cause of death.

Amanda Blake Cause of Death:

Amanda Blake suffered from throat cancer, but her cancer was not the reason for her death. This statement was stated by a Sacramento internist named Dr. Lou Nishimura.

Amanda Blake died at Mercy General Hospital situated in Sacramento. After a statement made by the hospital, Amanda’s friends mentioned that her death took place due to her fight with cancer. According to Dr. Nishimura, when Amanda Blake was 60 years old, she showed the symptoms of HIV AIDS for about a year. Dr. Nishimura was too shocked and confused to know how she was handling the fatal disease for so long.

amanda blake cause of death
Amanda Blake Cause Of Death

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Mark Spaeth was an Austin from Texas and a city councilman and developer. He was the fifth husband of Amanda Blake. Mark died while struggling with pneumonia at the age of 45 in 1985. Amanda and Mark got married in April 1984. However, they got divorced after a short time of living together.

The death certificate mentions Amanda Blake cause of death as cardiopulmonary arrest caused due to liver failure and CMV hepatitis. CMV stands for Cytomegalo virus hepatitis which is related to AIDS. Dr. Nishimura was the one who treated Amanda Blake before her death and also signed her death certificate. The certificate mentioned acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and cancer as contributing factors to her death.

Dr. Nishimura gave an interview on a Sacramento television station named KRBK that highlighted Amanda’s friends claiming that Amanda Blake cause of death was AIDS. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the organism that attacks the body and causes AIDS.

It attacks the immune system of the body and is spread through sexual contact, shared needles or syringes by drug abusers, infected blood or blood products, and from a mother to an offspring. This statement means that any fluid to-fluid contact with the infected person can lead to AIDS.

Amanda Blake was also an addicted smoker who once smoked two packets a day. She had also undergone surgery after suffering from oral cancer in 1977. However, soon she appeared in front of the whole country from the side of the American Cancer Society.

Jerri Ewen was a Mercy General spokeswoman who revealed that she announced cancer as Amanda Blake cause of death at the request of her close friends. She added that after someone is gone, you do what the family wishes for, and in the case of Amanda, friends were her only family.

According to Ewen, she never saw Amanda’s death certificate to make a correct statement. Under California law, death certificates are public documents that are recorded in the same country where the person dies. Therefore, she never saw the death certificate. According to Ewen, her death was reported to the federal Centers for Disease Control by the hospital.

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Amanda Blake Time After Gun smoke:

After semi-retiring herself from Gun smoke, she sat at her home in Phoenix, Arizona. She took one project only once in a while and wanted to devote most of the time to her animals. She was also in the headlines for bringing her pet lion named Kemo to the sets of Gunsmoke.

The pet lion lived in an animal compound located in her residence, where she and her husband, Frank Gilbert, were experimenting on cheetahs for a breeding program. They were the ones who breed cheetahs in captivity successfully and raised about seven generations of them.

In 1971, she formed the Arizona Animal Welfare League after joining forces with fellow animal rights activists. Arizona Animal Welfare League is now known as one of the oldest and largest no-kill animal shelters present in the state right now.

Amanda was also a one-time board member of the Humane Society of the United States. She had also received the society’s annual Courage Award. Ronald Reagan, the US President of that time, presented the award to her. 

In conclusion, Amanda Blake was a big animal lover, and the real Amanda Blake’s cause of death was HIV AIDS, not throat cancer.

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