76ers Draft Picks 2022: When Does Philadelphia Pick? Full List of NBA Draft Selections

After the fourth win of the Golden State Warriors in the championship in the eighth season, along with the NBA Finals triumph over the Boston Celtics, all the focus got shifted to the 76ers draft picks 2022 or 2022 NBA draft on Thursday night. 

The draft will take place in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center, New York. It is taking place after the second consecutive year. 

The last draft was held in 2020 virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

All the picks in the first and second round will be telecasted by ESPN, while ABC will only telecast the picks of the first round. Each selection will be visible in the graphics too and will be updated throughout the night of the picks. 

The 2022 NBA draft will be dominated by bigs, including Auburn’s Jabari Smith, Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren, and Duke’s Paolo Banchero. All of them are expected to go to the top five positions.

After finding the solution to the disaster of the Ben Simmons saga at the trade deadline, the 76ers realized that they need to add James Harden to lead them over the line of East. Throughout the season of the 76ers, Joel Embiid was in his rarest form, and no one can deny that he should be in the place of MVP. For the season, his score was an average of 30.6 points, 11.7 rebounds, and 4.2 assists per game. However, in the second round of the playoffs, the 76ers fell short of the points again. 

The solution to the problem of the Harden contract situation is a need now and will resolve soon. However, the 76ers are still lacking some points from being one of the top teams in the East. They can pick only one, which is 23rd overall, but they can also find a diamond in the rough surface at the later stages of the draft. 

The main question arises where does Philadelphia come in the draft order. Here is everything you need to learn about the 2022 NBA draft. 

76ers Draft Picks 2022

The 76ers Draft Picks 2022 is a hot topic now. The 76ers have only one pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. They will have their selection at the 23rd number. However, they don’t have a selection in the second round. Originally, the team sent the unprotected pick that was a part of the outstanding deal for James Harden to Brooklyn. This deal was sent before the February trade deadline. However, Net had the chance to postpone the pick to assess the circumstances and take the unprotected 2023 first-rounder of the Sixer.

76ers Draft Picks 2022 When Does Philadelphia Pick Full List of NBA Draft Selections
76ers draft picks 2022

In round 1, the 76ers marketed Memphis Grizzlies instead of DeAnthony Melton as their No. 23 pick.

The 76ers Draft Picks 2022 Needs

1) Playmaking: James Harden and Tyrese Maxey, both members of the 76ers, will fulfill this need along with the starting unit. However, Philadelphia could also use some of the other added punches in this genre as they have better players too. So, here we get our next point for “76ers draft picks 2022“. 

2) Bench Depth: Finding ways to improve the roster with the availability of limited assets is the main challenge in front of the president of basketball operations, Daryl Morey, and the general manager, Elton Brand. To add some of the solid bench depth with the use of limited cost is a good way, which can be done by using drafts. 

3) Shooting: Seth Curry is playing in Brooklyn, whereas the presence of James Harden is still a big question. On the other hand, Danny Green may miss the “76ers draft picks 2022“. Meanwhile, Furkman Korkmaz has just shot 29% in the last three years. To play off o Embiid, the 76ers need some outstanding shooters now. 

 4) Plug and Play Skillset: This is the hardest goal to achieve as they are late for the first-round pick. However, as the 76ers are champions, they need someone who will plug into the lineup and play the game. They need to capitalize because the championship window and the Embiid’s prime will not be permanent. 

NBA Draft Results 2022

The 2022 NBA draft has picked up four legitimate options for who will lead the top of the board. The first pick on the clock is the Orlando Magic, whereas the second one is Oklahoma City Thunder. The next three are Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings, and Detroit Pistons.

A huge shift took place at the NBA draft board on Thursday when the overall pick-up was announced. 

The Orlando Magic chose Jabari Smith Jr. as their first pick, whereas Oklahoma City chose Chet Holmgren as their second. The third selection was of Paolo Banchero in Houston. However, in the modern draft era, Banchero bowed to both Holmgren and Smith and achieved the fourth number 1 pick from Duke University.

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