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The King Of Fighters: Components, Theme, Development & Reception

The King of Fighters (KOF)  is the original installment in a series of fighting games developed and published by SNK. This franchise was initially made for the Neo Geo MVS arcade system by SNK. SNK eventually dropped this platform in favor of the Atomic wave arcade board in 2004, although up until that point, it had been the primary platform for the series.

Neo wave and Fighters XI were the only two games released on the Atomic wave platform before SNK chose to stop developing for it. The King of Fighters XII saw the introduction of the Taito Type X2 as the latest arcade hardware in the series. Multiple video game platforms have received ports of the original The  titles including the arcade games.

It is the most recent instalment, having been published in February of 2022.Originally planned as a side-scrolling beat ’em up, SNK reworked The King of Fighters into a fighting game with the same name as the first Fatal Fury game. In the beginning, new games were launched every year, but beginning in 2004, the business began to spread out the development of its games. Many have praised the games for their innovative usage of teams and well-rounded gameplay.

The King Of Fighters Gameplay

When compared to other SNK games like the Fatal Fury series, Art of Fighting, and Samurai Shodown, KOF’s core gameplay mechanics are rather familiar. The game, like Fatal Fury 2 and Fatal Fury Special, features a four-button attack setup, with one each for light punch, light kick, powerful punch, and strong kick.

To perform special moves, such as dodging an opponent’s strike or unleashing a devastating knockout attack, the player presses a series of buttons in sequence, much like in Fatal Fury 2.

Just as in other fighting games, the user controls the action by pressing a certain combination of buttons and joystick directions to execute a character’s assortment of standard, special, and unique moves. The King of Fighters ’97 is only one iteration that has added depth to the system by allowing for more powerful strikes. The Power Gauge can no longer be charged and is instead filled whenever the player lands a hit or uses a Special Move.

There is a maximum of three Power Gauges that may be stored by the player. One Power Stock can be used for a Super Special Move or to enter “MAX” mode, which boosts the player’s Defencess and attacks. To increase the potency of a Super Special Move, the player must activate MAX mode before using the move.

The King Of Fighters Theme And Cast

The roots in both the Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting series of games released by SNK (canonically and chronologically beginning during the events of Art of Fighting 2). The story of KOF ’94, the first game in the series, revolves around Rugal Bernstein, a shady arms dealer who sets up a famous fighting tournament to draw worthy opponents into his trap, murder them, and then transform them into stone statues to add to his collection of vanquished martial artists.

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Young Japanese martial artist Kyo Kusanagi is the main protagonist of the first several KOF games, joining renowned fighting game stars Terry Bogard and Ryo Sakazaki. SNK created Kyo so that he would stand out from the other protagonists in the crossover by having a distinct personality.

The King Of Fighters
The King Of Fighters

In KOF XIV, a new protagonist named Shun’ei takes the spotlight. While not a new primary protagonist, SNK claims that Shun’ei, a “kind-hearted” individual, is nonetheless vital to the story.

The King Of Fighters Development

The first playable version of the game was a side-scrolling TEAM-BATTLE beat ’em up in the vein of River City Ransom. Yet, it was ultimately decided to scrap the plan. The group settled on making a fighting game out of their concept.

Since this game was based on a team fight idea with an insufficient cast, Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Ikari Warriors, and Psycho Soldier characters were included. The premise of a trio working together was preserved from the original side-scrolling version.

 It is originally used as a subtitle for the original Fatal Fury game. Toyohisa Tanabe, creator  has said that the Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury characters were included so that adults would have something to do. The modern KOF cast was made to attract a younger and more modern audience. After complaining that the cast was too serious, eccentric newcomers like Benimaru Nikaido and Chang Koehan were introduced.

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The King Of Fighters Reception

Team combat and a large cast of playable characters earned praise for the first The King of Fighters titles. From the moment of its first release, many gamers hailed certain titles as the very finest in the genre of fighting games. The Neo Geo AES version of King of Fighters was seen to be a significant upgrade by Electronic Gaming Monthly’s four reviewers.

They praised the inclusion of the team edit tool, which carried over into subsequent instalments. On the basis of character designs and moves, critics have compared them favourably to Capcom’s Street Fighter series.

Although the use of projectile moves was criticised for making KOF ’96 imbalanced, the game’s modern visuals were praised. Despite SNK’s best efforts to update the visuals with the debut of XI, critics have panned the company for consistently employing 2D sprites across its titles. The graphical improvements in the two games that followed received a lot of positive feedback as a consequence.

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