Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix Shares Season 3 And Latest Update


It’s not at all a mystery that Netflix Unsolved Mysteries Updates are roaming all over the Internet now. Yes! They are coming back with a Volume 3 now. Here is everything you need to know about Netflix Unsolved Mysteries Updates

Almost everyone in the world loves a good mystery. People who are Netflix users love this concept. After hearing the news that the streaming giant’s recent reboot of Unsolved Mysteries has received a green signal for Season 3, the audience got very excited.

Many of us have still not received the answer to the previous questions that Netflix left unanswered from the first two seasons. It mainly includes the question of who killed Jack Wheeler. The third volume of the show promises to give more mind-bending cases that will not give a definite answer. 

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Netflix Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix Shares Season 3

The makers have not revealed exactly which specific cases the third volume will discover in each episode. However, Terry Dunn Meurer, the co-creator of the show, provided some hints related to it. She gave hints about the type of cases the producers were choosing to feature on the platform. 

Or Rey RiMeurer mentioned that they were choosing those cases that will be benefitted after getting exposure. They were allowing the cases that have gone cold, or that may have something out of it, like the Death in Oslo from Volume 2 vera case. She also revealed that the woman that died in the Plaza Hotel or the case of the missing kids could be a part of it.

They feel that they can get the woman’s face out there, and somebody can identify her too. They also believe that when people will watch the faces or descriptions of the missing kids, like the birthmark or something, they may ask themselves of being familiar with it before. This method might help to solve the unsolved mysteries.

Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix Shares Season 3 And Latest Update
Netflix unsolved mysteries updates

The true-crime franchise also has a podcast which is hosted by Steve French. Each audio of it focuses on different cases similar to the episodes. 

Netflix Unsolved Mysteries Updates on Release Date

Netflix has not announced the official release date of Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 yet. However, the official Unsolved Mysteries account has tweeted recently about the release date. According to them, the viewers will be able to see Volume 3 of the show in the summer of 2022. The tweet also added that as the show is titled Unsolved Mysteries, so all the mysteries will be solved at the end of the episode. This tweet will be helpful for those who were getting frustrated every season. 

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The True Unsolved Mysteries Stories

While working on each new volume of Unsolved Mysteries, the producers and show creators dive into the ocean of cold cases that are interesting for telecasting over television, according to them. Viewers also submit their relevant tips or information over the Unsolved Mysteries website they have about the current episode. 

Meurer mentioned that they have a database overloaded with hundreds of cases, and they want to provide similar kinds of mysteries as in the previous two volumes. They will provide plenty of cases related to paranormal activities, murders, and unexplained deaths that may have the possibility of getting resolved. Their main aim is to help solve the cases by providing them with proper exposure. 

Producers also mentioned the presence of more than 5000 tips after the re-airing of the show. 

Meurer also mentioned that it is hard for them to choose selective mysteries from hundreds of them. They look for a diversity of categories and also want to do some international stories. They also look for urban as well as rural stories, the age of the case and story, the actual interview, the racial profile, culture, and many more.

Chances Of The Unsolved Mysteries Getting Solved

A lot of talks have been done on Netflix Unsolved Mysteries, but the most important question is of getting it solved through the platform. 

The original Unsolved Mysteries premiered back in 1987 and ran till 2010. The tips on the long-run show helped to solve more than 260 of the profiled cases. The official website of the Unsolved Mysteries mentions that more than 100 families have been reunited with their lost loved ones. More than seven persons who have been wrongly convicted for the crime were released, and half of the cases featuring wanted criminals have been solved. 

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After the Reboot of the show that got featured in 2020, more than 5000 tips were received by the website. Most of them were about the Alonzo Brooks case. The makers received most of the familiar cases, but some were also new to them that they forwarded to the FBI soon. After the re-opening of the Brooks case, the FBI offered a $100,000 reward for the person giving any useful information on the case. It’s a great way to encourage people to come forward and reveal the truth about it.

You can watch the new season of Netflix Unsolved Mysteries soon in the summer of 2022. Until then, keep watching the previous season. You may find something familiar.

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