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Are Jason Momoa ‘Aquaman’ Tattoos Real? 2022

Jason Momoa Tattoos: We’ve grown accustomed to seeing Jason Momoa, shirtless and covered in tattoos, relaxing on the beach. As Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, he was covered in painted tattoos, and as Aquaman in, well, Aquaman, he was equally decked out in ink.

How does he deal with his tattoos when no one is looking? As it turns out, the real-life Jason has a slew of tattoos covering his entire body, many of which have special importance for him. That Jason has a real tattoo on his arm looks to be the inspiration for the full-body designs of Aquaman, according to the film’s makeup team.

“It’s our aumakua, my family crest, it’s our guardian,” Jason said to a fan during a Q&A session. “It’s intended to take the darkness out of your heart and put a light in,” he continued, “but that is still something we’re trying to work on.”

The fact that Jason’s tattoo was used to create one of his most recognizable on-screen characters is all the more meaningful because of this past. It’s just one of many tattoos the actor has that are extremely personal. This week, we’re taking a closer look at the reason behind Jason’s eight tattoos, which include his kids’ names, a heartfelt tribute to his best buddy, and more.

Handwritten Notes From His Children

On Jason’s chest are the signatures of his children (Lola and Wolf!), which I think everyone agrees is adorable. When it comes to his heart, they’re just above his chest. I’m unable to.

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Jason Momoa Aumakua Tattoos

When asked about the meaning of the triangle pattern on his arm, Jason responded that the aumakua (a shark-man in Hawaiian mythology) represents his family.

Jason Momoa Semi-Mysterious Line Tattoos

It’s been almost a year since Jason received this tattoo, and he thanked his tattoo artist Mahalo Tobias on Instagram. No one has yet figured out what the design symbolizes in and of itself. Thx).

Jason Momoa Tattoos On the Roam” Tattoos

You can see Jason’s compass-like tattoo on his right arm in this adorable picture of him cradling a pair of flip-flops. The logo for one of his production firms, called—you guessed it On the Roam, was revealed to be this.

Name of His Best Friend

Jason got this tattoo (which reads “Diablo”) in memory of a friend who died tragically.

Jason Momoa Tattoos
Jason Momoa Tattoos

Jason Momoa Pride of Gypsies Tattoos

There you go, that’s the username on his Instagram account. His second production company’s name, of course. “Pride ‘pride-a collection of lions creating a collective; gypsy ‘jip-see’-a a nomadic or free-spirited person,” Jason says on his company’s website.

Jason Momoa Game of Thrones Tattoos

The reason I’m calling it that is just coincidental: he acquired it while we were filming. This one says “être Toujours ivre,” which approximately translates to “being always intoxicated” in the French language. Zo Kravitz, Jason’s stepdaughter, gets the same tattoo as her dad!

Jason Momoa Tattoos of a Skull

I’m not sure what this one means, but Jason just adores skulls. According to the dozens of skull necklaces and rings he wears, it appears so. Progress has been made.

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