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All Rise Season 4 Release Date: Is It Canceled?

When All Rise got canceled after two seasons, The fans got disheartened. But, after its Renewal by OWN, a ray of hope lightened up their hearts. Ten days ago, the first episode of Season 3 got released. However, people are hoping for All Rise Season 4 now. Here is Everything you need to know about All Rise Season 4.

All Rise is a legal drama TV series that got released on CBS on 23rd September 2019. The American series got canceled after two seasons by CBS. However, it got picked up by Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) in September, and they released its third season on 7th June 2022.

All Rise is entirely based on Steve BoGira’s Courtroom 302. Developed by Greg Spottiswood, All Rise consists of a total of 40 episodes after concluding its third season. 

All Rise Season 4 Release Date

As of now, All Rise Season 4 has not been announced. It has not been renewed or canceled for the further season. 

The ratings of the third season were not bad enough to be canceled. The shows that receive higher ratings are usually renewed, whereas ones that receive lower ratings are canceled. 

However, the ratings are lower in comparison to the previous parts, but still, they have a Higher viewership. Currently, we don’t have any information regarding it.

All Rise Season 4 Plot

All Rise is a series related to the personal and professional lives of judges, prosecutors, And public defenders in the courthouse of Los Angeles. The story revolves around Lola Carmichael, who is recently appointed as the Judge. After getting her new place, she Doesn’t want to sit back and want to push all the boundaries. She wants to challenge all The expectations of what a judge should do. Lola was previously a highly impressive Deputy district attorney. 

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The third season recently premiered on 7th June and picked up from where the second season concluded. According to the official synopsis, Lola was waiting for the result of the Mid-term election as the highly regarded judge. Meanwhile, Mark faces a tough decision, And Vanessa files a lawsuit against Amy’s firm. On the other hand, Lola takes up a new case. 

Coming back to All Rise Season 4, we don’t have any idea about its plot. The makers have Not leaked anything about it yet. However, after the end of Season 3, we can make our Theories. 

All Rise Season 4
All Rise Season 4

All Rise Season 4 Cast

All Rise Season 4 will include the previous cast that played their respective roles. However, The makers have not declared the characters of All Rise Season 4, but still, we do have the Description of their portrayals. The cast includes:

Simon Missick is playing the role of Judge Lola Carmichael. Judge Lola is an ideal former Prosecutor who is recently appointed as the Judge of the County Superior Court of Los Angeles. Robin Taylor is an FBI agent to whom Lola is married. In Season 2, she also gave birth to their first baby. During the COVID period, she got arrested for defending a girl who was Getting arrested without any reason.

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Wilson Bethel is portraying the character of Mark Callan, the Deputy District Attorney. He Is Lola’s best friend and is a member of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. 

Jessica Camacho is portraying the role of Emily Lopez, an attorney in the office of the Los Angeles County Public Defender. She is divorcing her husband and has a Restraining Order against him. She was in a relationship with Luke Watkins, but they got separated During the protests of Black Lives Matter. Currently, they have united again.

Alex Brinson is in the role of Luke Watkins, a Deputy Sheriff. After leaving Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, he wanted to become a lawyer. However, he is now a clerk In the DA’s office.

Sherri Kanksy’s role is played by Ruthie Ann Miles. She is an assistant to an experienced Judge. Currently, she is appointed as an assistant to Lola Carmichael. 

Lindsay Mendez is playing the role of Sara Castillo. She is Emily’s friend and is a court reporter. In Season 3, she becomes an assistant in the DA’s office. 

Lindsey Gort is playing the role of Amy Quinn, a criminal defense attorney.  She is Mark’s girlfriend and shares a complicated relationship with him. In Season 2. she also gets engaged to Mark. 

Marg Helgenberger is portraying the character of Judge Lisa Benner. She is a supervisory Judge and also a mentor of Lola. 

Samantha Marie Ware is in the role of Vanessa Johnson, a new clerk of Lola. Paul McCrane is in the role of Judge Jonas Laski, also known by the name Punisher. Suzanne Cryer is portraying the role of DDA Maggie Palmer. She was a colleague of Lola. 

We are not sure when All Rise Season 4 will receive a release date, but we’ll update the section soon after receiving any information about it. So, stay tuned! newsconduct.com.


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