Manifest season 5 Release Date Status: Renewed or Canceled By Netflix?


Manifest follows some of the 191 passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, who learn five and a half years have elapsed since their flight left Jamaica, and everyone on board was assumed dead until they arrived in New York City in 2013. The show was created by Jeff Rake and premiered on NBC on September 24th, 2018. Rake expected the show to last for six seasons, but in June 2021, NBC announced that Manifest had been canceled and that there would be no fourth season.

Josh Dallas plays Ben Stone and Melissa, Roxburgh plays his sister Michaela Stone, with Athena Karkanis as Ben’s wife Grace Stone and J R Ramirez as Detective Jared Vasquez completing the group.

As the show progressed, viewers heard more about the bizarre supernatural happenings that occurred when Montego Air Flight 828 reappeared. Passengers reported hearing voices and visions and experiencing health changes that they couldn’t explain. Although the drama series was just halfway through its six-season run, and season three ended on a cliffhanger. Because of this, fans got frustrated by the myriad unexplained mysteries. NBC announced that it had been canceled and that there would be no fourth season.

Manifest Season 5 Plot

Manifest’s season 4 finale contained multiple cliffhangers that it is set to impact the storyline in the final season. The first was Jared’s (J.R. Ramirez) knowledge of Saanvi’s (Parveen Kaur) role in the killing of Sarah’s (Lauren Norvelle) mother, The Major (Elizabeth Marvel). After killing Eden, Angelina (Holly Taylor) ran away with Grace (Athena Karkanis). Both Randall (Christopher Piccione) and Eagan (Ali Lopez-Sohail) were arrested and taken away.

Captain Daly reappeared and then vanished without warning (Frank Deal). “Whether it’s Purgatory or the netherworld, these are ideas and notions that Ben and others will struggle To understand,” show creator Jeff Rake told TV Insider about Captain Daly.

He goes on and says, “To put it another way, Captain Daly has spent the last five and a half years exactly Where the passengers have been. Captain Daly has been where Cal has been from the end of Episode 312 when he vanishes to the end of the season finale when he reappears. I’ll let Cal explain what that area is when we return in season four.”


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 The final season will go into the repercussions of these events and much more. Despite not getting the six seasons one had hoped for, Rake is still pleased with where the program is. “The endgame will not change at all,” he continues to EW. “I’m convinced that 20 episodes Will allow me enough time to tell the complete tale I always intended.”

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Manifest Season 5 Cast

The biggest problem around the renewal of Manifest season  5 is getting the cast on board. In the weeks following the cancellation, the studio asked for the performers to get a Several-week extension so they could shop around and see if anyone wanted to pick up the Show,” Jeff Rake stated in an interview with All Your Screens before the Netflix renewal. 

The actors were all gracious enough to stay on for a few more weeks. Then there was a point where no one was willing to step up, and those contracts had already expired. Those Actors are currently available for hire. So, if we find a partner to continue producing the show, that’s just one more hurdle we’ll have to cross.

The first two cast members to be confirmed to return are Josh Dallas, J.R. Ramirez, and Melissa Roxburgh.

Parveen Kaur, Luna Blaise, and Holly Taylor were announced as returning cast members on September 9th. Ty Doran was also promoted to a regular-season role.

Daryl Edwards, who portrays NSA director Robert Vance, was upgraded to series regular on September 10th.


Jack Messina, who played Cal, was the show’s most notable departure thus far. Even Though Cal was said to be negotiating, this is the case.

Matt Long had a scheduling difficulty due to his role in a new NBC pilot, Getaway, at the time. Matt Long will return for the fourth season, according to TVLine, with Jeff Rake telling The publication that his return will allow “Zeke to continue his Manifest journey just as originally envisioned.”

Some of the new smaller members that you might encounter in season 5 of Manifest are:

  • Captain Kevin Fahey is played by Perry Strong.
  • Detective Price is played by Antonia Monet.
  • As a Registry Uniformed Officer, Aaron Smallwood Jr.
  • Breton Tyner-Bryan in the role of an unnamed cop.
  • Officer 828 Sabastian Betts.

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Manifest Season 5 Release Date

Netflix confirmed in August 2021 that the fourth and final season of Manifest will be streamed on their platform, thanks to its performance on Netflix and the fans’ online pleas to save the show. The fourth season will have a total of 20 episodes. However, they will not be released all at once on Netflix. It will be divided into two or more sections instead. Jeff Rake is looking for November 2022 as the publication date, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

This means Manifest season 5 will release sometime in 2023. Most probably in November 2023. 

Manifest Season 5 Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no trailer for Manifest season 5. We will update you as soon as we find any information about the same.

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