Where is Marlene Knaus Now? The Story of Niki Lauda’s Ex-Wife


Marlene Knaus is a former model who rose to prominence after marrying Formula One racer Niki Lauda. Their romance made headlines, and their love story became very popular among their fans. Unfortunately, Niki died in 2019. What happened to Knaus, and where is she now?

Discover fascinating facts about Marlene Knaus, a former model, and ex-wife of legendary Austrian Formula 1 racer Niki Lauda. Her celebrity grew after she began dating the three-time F1 World Championship champion. This article contains additional information on her.

Marlene Knaus: Everything you need to know about Niki Lauda’s ex-personal wife’s life.

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Marlene Knaus Biography

Marlene Knaus is a former Austrian model best known as the ex-wife of late Formula One (F1) racing driver Niki Lauda.

Marlene Knaus was born in the United States of America and is a former model, but she is best known as the now ex-wife of former professional motor-racing driver Niki Lauda. Her ex-husband was a three-time Formula One world champion, having won in 1975, 1977, and 1984. Her status as a model never really drew international attention, but she rose to global prominence thanks to her ex-husband.

Marlene Knaus’s life before Niki Lauda

There is less information available regarding Marlene’s background, family, or schooling, but we know that she grew up in the United States and eventually obtained Austrian citizenship.

Before meeting and dating Lauda, she was a popular model, particularly as an ‘It’ girl, which was a fashionable term at the time denoting women with sex appeal as well as personality — the term acquired popularity after the publication of the film “It,” starring Clara Bow.

A woman is an ‘It’ girl if she obtains a high level of popularity without having to flaunt her sexuality; this word is more aptly suited to both beauty and celebrity. Her name, however, only came to public recognition after she began a relationship with the famed racer, which led to marriage.

Marlene Knaus

Meeting of Marlene Knaus with Niki Lauda

The two met in the 1970s; no details about how they met are known, but Niki had a girlfriend at the time with who he was with for about eight years. Regardless, Niki ended his engagement with his previous girlfriend and began a romantic involvement with Marlene.

Marlene Knaus Professional Career

Marlene Knaus began her modeling career as a child in the 1960s. She gained popularity over time because of her successful modeling career, which led to numerous big businesses requesting her services. She was renowned as the “it-girl” because of her trademark loose haircut and perfect sense of fashion – her hairstyle later became a trend at the time.

She appeared on the covers of numerous magazines and rose to prominence in the fashion world, subsequently working as a designer and becoming a socialite.

 Marlene Knaus’s Marriage and Divorce

According to stories, Knaus met Lauda in the 1970s, and the two began dating soon after, with Lauda quitting an eight-year long-term relationship to start dating the model. The two’s romance was successful, and they eventually married in 1976. They had two children and appeared to have a happy marriage until 1991 when they chose to separate.

While the reasons for their divorce never came out in public, we know that it is that she obtained a sizable settlement, immensely increasing her net worth. They later separated but remained in contact. One of their children, Mathias, would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a race driver, while Lukas would become Mathias’ manager.

Niki had an extramarital affair and had another son, according to reports. Her ex-husband later married Birgit Wetzinger, a flight attendant for one of his airlines, in 2008. Knaus’ life slipped further away from the spotlight as more attention fell on her ex-husband.

Marlene Knaus’s Net Worth

Although Marlene Knaus amassed considerable income as a model and socialite, more of the big money arrived after her divorce from Niki Lauda. Millions of dollars came in. Money Niki had gained as an F1 racer over the years. According to our credible sources, Marlene Knaus’s net worth is over $43 million as of early 2020. Her ex-net husband’s worth is also said to be well over $100 million.

Rush and Current Endeavors of Marlene Knaus

The film “Rush,” directed by Ron Howard and starring Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth, was released in 2013 and was based on the rivalry of two Formula One driver – Niki Lauda and James Hunt – during the 1976 Formula One motor racing season.

The picture was a financial success, and Rush received positive reviews from both reviewers and moviegoers. Lauda also stated that the film looked fantastic and that he was impressed. Following this, he offered his condolences for his opponent Hunt’s death from a heart attack at 45.

One explanation for the scarcity of information regarding Marlene Knaus is her lack of an online presence. She used to have a Twitter account, which she barely utilized for a few tweets before deactivating in 2014.

The only images of her on the internet are of her with Lauda when she was much younger. Even though Niki is with his wife Wetzinger, there are few images of her today. There’s no word on whether she’s remarried or is in a new relationship. With her money, it is also improbable that she will return to modeling, despite being considered pretty.

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