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What Is The Net Worth Of Claire Stoermer? (UPDATED)

Zendaya Coleman, the former Disney Channel star and Spider-Man actress, had a mother named Claire Stoermer. She previously held the position of house manager at the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, California.

In Oakland, California, she taught primary school. In the 2017 superhero film Spider-Man: Homecoming, her daughter was set to star alongside Tom Holland.

Who is Claire Stoermer?

An American celebrity mom and elementary school teacher, Claire Stoermer is a household name. Mother of actor, singer, and dancer Zendaya Coleman The American bodyguard’s wife, Kazembe Coleman, was also Marie’s husband.

“Shake it Up!” star Zendaya is one of Claire Stoermer’s six children, who also include two other sons and a daughter. Oakland, California’s Fruitville Elementary School instructor.

In addition, she served as house manager for the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, Calif. There is traces of Irish and German ancestry in her veins. So that she can put them on Mobli, she frequently takes films of her daughter in front of the camera.

Claire Stoermer Early Life and Education

Claire Stoermer was born in the United States on March 24, 1964. Stoermer was raised in the United States by her American parents. She frequently posts pictures of her parents on Instagram (mom & dad).

Philip Hillary Stoermer (father) and Daphne Carol Whitelaw (mother) were her parents. According to the news, she has five older siblings. Mark Andrew Stoermer, who is eleven months older than Emma, is her older sibling.

Claire Stoermer Physical Appearance

Fans want to know how their favorite celebs are doing physically. Hairstyles, outfits, make-up, and even a person’s height, weight, and eye color can become trends thanks to a celebrity.

It’s something we can sense. Claire stands at a height of 1.68 meters, or 5 feet 6 inches when standing. She’s also a hefty 145 pounds or 66 kilos. Blonde hair and blue eyes complete Stoermer’s appearance.

Claire Stoermer Career

At the California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, Claire Stoermer was a house manager. She also encourages her daughter Zendaya to pursue a career in acting and discovers her calling in the process. Claire was thrust into the spotlight by the media as soon as Zendaya rose to fame. Since then, she has maintained a low profile and continues to do so.


She and Zendaya are frequently spotted together at various events and parties. Together with her kid, she’s won a slew of awards. She is currently employed as an elementary school teacher in Oakland, California, at Fruitville Elementary School.

She frequently films Zendaya to upload them to Moblile. She’s also helping to raise money for Coach Phee’s daughter through a fundraising effort. There was assassinated on 7/24/18, and the money she gathered through internet fundraising sites is going to support her family.

Claudette Stoermer Personal History

Claire Stoermer does not have a significant other. Claire has not yet found a partner. Claire Stoermer was previously married to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. The couple had a long-term relationship. In 2008, she exchanged vows with him as she walked down the aisle.

Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996, to a happy couple. Disney princess and euphoria queen Zendaya is a singer, as well as an accomplished dancer. There are around two dozen well-known albums she’s worked on. Zendaya also performed the song ‘All For Us,’ from her hit series Euphoria, which was featured on the soundtrack.

Kaylee, Annabella, Austin, Katianna, and Julien are Claire’s five children from her previous marriage. However, her previous marriage didn’t last long at all. Kazembe’s marriage to her failed once again in 2016.

The couple had an amicable split. Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman still have a strong relationship, but their daughter Zendaya is the center of their attention.

Who is Claire Stoermer, Daughter?

It’s no secret that American dancer and actress Zendaya is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. For the past three years, he has been a member of the dance group Oakland Future Shock. When he was in high school, he starred in several plays. It also became the second Disney video to rank second, with Zendaya appearing as a dancer for Rocky Blue.

Claire Stoermer
Claire Stoermer

Zendaya is well-known for her song-like presentation style, as well as for her work in Kryptonite fashion and the like. Frenemies, Zapped, Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Homecoming, and The Greatest are among the films he has appeared in. These two women have a particular relationship, one that is unbreakable.

What Is The Net Worth of Claire Stoermer?

Clare Stoermer is a millionaire with a fortune of $1,000,000.00 in US dollars. With a career as an elementary school teacher and house manager in the theatre, she may have earned a good salary. She is a teacher, and her income ranges from $38,377 to $58,650 every year.

Having a daughter who is an actress, we can infer that Claire is living a wealthy lifestyle with her. In 2022, Zendaya’s net worth is believed to be $15 million, making her a multi-millionaire actress and singer. In Northridge, California, both mother and daughter share a $1.4 million property. She is certain to see a boost in her net worth in the following days.

Social Media

These days, superstars can benefit from the power of social media to engage with their fans. Fans, on the other hand, have the added benefit of being kept up to date. As a result, she has a strong presence on Instagram. In the process, she’s amassed a sizable fan base across a variety of channels.

Claire Stoermer uses the Instagram handle @claire maree64 to keep her followers updated on her whereabouts. Nearly a million followers. She’s posted 1774 photos, most of which were taken in the course of her normal day. With roughly 40.1k followers, she also runs a Kizzmet Jewelry Instagram account with the username @kizzmetjewelry.

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